Ziggy, Ogden, UT

Hi! My name is Ziggy and I’m eight years old.

I have known nothing but love my entire life. When I was about one year old, my first mom had to find me a new home due to breed restrictions where we lived.

My new family thought they were just going to foster me until she found us a home to live in together. It turned out to be harder then she thought. She was unable to find any housing that would take me.

So here I am now, a foster failure living with my amazing new family for the past seven years. Moving from house to house, couch to couch, trailer to trailer, state to state, just so we can all live together.

My family has dealt with a lot of BSL but no matter what I know I will always have a home and a family to call my own! I have lived a very happy and very loved life.

I have a brother, Hercules, who was rescued from doggie jail days before he was to be killed. He has not been loved his whole life. As soon as my family brought him home, we were best friends forever and I have been teaching him ever since.

We also rescued a kitten who we named Marley because me and her are inseparable! She loves sleeping on my back or laying on my head and I will just lay there sitting very still until she wakes up on her own.

I love everybody, every animal, every object, everything! I have never in my life growled or even nipped at anything. We had our house broken into one time. Me and my dad were sleeping on the couch when someone opened our door, dressed in a ski mask with a back pack. As my dad chased the criminal outside, I peacefully went back to sleep. 🙂

We have a joke around here that I will lick a burglar to death or for a treat I might help them carry the TV to their car. And they are very right! I couldn’t hurt a fly!

I also love to spend time with my mom volunteering. She is currently helping people and their animals who don’t have homes right now. The group For the Love of Paws goes out every Sunday to provide the necessary items for animals to survive — food, toys, treats, booties, sweaters, etc.

It is very important to help these people especially in the winter because the temperature drops drastically. I may be lucky enough to sleep in a warm bed every night but some are not as lucky as me.

This is very close to my heart because these people give up the warmth and comfort of a shelter just to keep their animal companion with them. Just as my mom has done for me my entire life.

It is very touching and we will continue to help in any way we can!

♥ Ziggy

Parent: Nicole