Ziggy, O’Fallon, MO

Hi, I’m Ziggy! I’m a three-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier with green eyes and a curly tail. I have been in foster care for my whole life, and I am looking for someone to adopt me!

I’m very intelligent, and have learned all sorts of obedience commands and various tricks. I am house-trained and crate trained. My favorite thing is dinner time, and my second favorite thing is breakfast time. I also like going for walks, playing fetch, and going on car rides.

I am deaf, so I have learned what to do by hand signs instead of words. For example, if you point at the ground, I’ll lay down. And if you hold out your hand, I’ll give it a high five. It’s all very easy, really.

In addition to earning my Canine Good Citizen Certification from the AKC (which means that I know how to act like a polite dog) and knowing several tricks and obedience commands, I’m also trained in Rally and Agility dog sports. Oh, I love to learn new things!

And I will do absolutely anything for food. She taught me a new trick — praying — in just a few short sessions by using the time I spent begging to shape that into a “prayer”. I was able to show off my praying trick by performing in front of the crowd at the 2011 Purina Pet Project event, and the same trick helped me win 1st place in the Most Talented contest at the St. Louis Pet Expo.

My foster mom says I now drive everyone crazy by trying to pray anytime anyone is eating, in hopes that they will share their food. 🙂 But what I want most and pray for is a new home. I’ve been praying for many months now, but my person hasn’t found me yet. Here I am!!!

I’m looking for a very special home because not only am I deaf, but I am what my foster mom call “a character”. I am used to living with a lot of other dogs and with cats, and I get along with everyone pretty well most of the time. But it would probably be best if I was in a home without other pets, because my foster mom says I can be irascible. (I had to look that up in the dictionary. Turns out she was calling me grumpy!).

It’s true if another animal gets too close to my food or my toys, I am quick to defend my stuff, but that’s only normal dog behavior — no reason to consider me a grumpy dog! I am actually quite happy most of the time, and I would do fine with another dog if they made sure to respect my space.

What is my ideal home, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you:

  • It’s just me and you. You and me. I prefer to be an only pet (which is the only reason my foster mom has not adopted me herself!)
  • I wouldn’t mind sharing you with another adult, but I play a bit too rough for children
  • I’m not high energy although I do enjoy an occasional race around the yard. We can go to the park, or go for a hike, or maybe just take a jog or a walk around the block
  • I’ll help you cook dinner or pick up take-out, and I’ll be happy to clean up any leftover crumbs. (Really, I will eat absolutely any food you give him, including bananas — peel and all, bird seed, and any kind of kibble or dog treat ever made)
  • If you like, I’ll fetch the ball for you a few times, or you could teach me some new tricks.

I’ll be a great companion, I promise. Are you my person? If you’d like to adopt me, or talk to my foster mom about me, just click here.

Thanks for reading my story!


To find out more about Ziggy, please visit AdoptZiggy.com, email ziggy@adoptziggy.com or find him on Facebook: Ziggy the Adoptable Dog. Ziggy can be adopted out of state.