Zeke, Acworth, GA

Hi there! I’m Zeke, short for Ezekiel. You can also call me Buddy and here’s my awesome story.

It started off on a day that was storming very badly in Cherokee County. My future mom had a full day of work planned, but it actually cancelled because there were tornado alarms going off every few minutes. My future dad was off at work so my future mom sat down in front of my computer and just started fumbling around Facebook.

One of her dear friends, Lori, posted a picture of me as a post and that she needed someone to go to the high kill shelter I was at as I was on “death row.” I had been abandoned in a trailer park, just tied up to a tree. Nobody knows how long I had been there. They just knew I needed help because I was scheduled to be put down at noon that day!

My future mom immediately called my future dad and said, “We’re going to get this puppy.” She would not let me be put down just because I’m a pit bull.  This shelter in Newnan, GA, puts pitties down even if they are 100% healthy just because they’re pits!! My future mom vowed it wasn’t going to happen on her time.

She coordinated with Lori who called a lady from an adoption agency. Supposedly, they had to be with an adoption agency to even pick me up from the shelter.  So she drove an hour and a half on that day and arrived at the shelter with her homie, Cru. She had to make sure they would get along if they were going to foster me.

When they got there, she told the very welcoming, warm folks behind the desk that she was there to rescue me — who didn’t even have a name at this shelter, just a number. 🙁 She got there around 11:00, barely making the deadline for me to live. In order for me to be pulled from a shelter, it had to be through a local rescue, so while she waited for the representative of the local rescue to arrive, she let Cru and I — her potential new brother — meet, greet and interact with each other.

When the rescue arrived, apparently there were issues between the rescue and the shelter, and the shelter told the rescue that they were not allowed to pull any dogs from there anymore! My future mom sat in her car, determined not to leave without me. She went back in and told them that she didn’t care what the issues were between them and the rescue, that she was not leaving without me and asked what she  had to do to make this happen.

The shelter finally said, “Well, why don’t you just adopt him?” Done! So she filled out the paperwork and picked me up after I was neutered a few days later. 🙂

I went from death row to having a sister, a kitty brother, and 2 parents that love me to death. I am my mom and dad’s buddy and they say their family wouldn’t be complete without me.

Just like my sister, Cru, I too go on runs, likes, Frisbee, golf, family vacations…and love every minute of it. Almost anytime my parents take me anywhere, I’m experiencing something new and have a very fulfilling, awesome life!

Parents: April & Wayne