Woody, Ballston Spa, NY

Hi! I’m Woody! Although I have a wonderful family now, my story didn’t start off pretty.

I had another family before but they weren’t nice. I was never socialized or met another dog. After being “part” of this family for 8 years, I was dumped in Saratoga County Animal Shelter, a kill shelter.

Since I had never experienced any other dogs, my reaction to being caged among all the other dogs was to bark non-stop and run around my small cage. I was going crazy! Of course, no one wanted to adopt me because I was acting manic.

I was there for 6 months and I had started to not even greet people who came to my cage. I simply withdrew into myself. A volunteer there worked with me to try and get me out of my shell. It was not an easy task and I was losing hope.

Then a woman who was fostering a dog for the shelter called the volunteer because the dog required a fenced in yard, which she did not have. The volunteer told her about me and she decided to come meet me.

The day the woman and her son met me, I was scheduled to be destroyed that afternoon. No one wanted an 8-year-old pitbull who barked and acted crazy. No one except them!!

I have a loving family now for 5 years. My mom says I’m an integral part of our family. Most of the time, I occupy the couch, typically under the comforter, snoring. 🙂

Oh, and my human brother? I love him!! I even let him play in my pool and jump on my trampoline!

I was once a throw-away, an abandoned dog who has become a member of a family. My mom always say she has 2 sons. One human and one canine.

My family and I wish there were more people who know and love pitbulls, and rescue them like my family has!

Thank you for reading my story!


Parent: Patti