Wilson, Decatur, GA

Hello. My name is Wilson. I am about 12 years old and had a rough life until I met my mom.

I was living at a bad sanctuary. The people got lots of money but did not take care of us. I was hungry and sad. Lots of dogs were around me. They were all hungry. Many were young and hyper. When we were lucky enough to have food thrown at us, they got to the food first. I was very skinny and itchy from living in the dirt.

One day some people came and saw how bad things were: Most of us had skin infections and dogs were packed in like sardines in small, inadequate fencing. When they saw us, they knew we needed help and started spreading the word.

Lots of people came to get dogs out, but no one looked at me. I was old and sad looking. Most people won’t adopt old, sad dogs. I saw lots of my friends leave on their way to rescues and new homes while I waited and hoped for help.

I spent a lot of time in my igloo, depressed because no one noticed me.

Then my mom came to help move some dogs from the bad place to rescues that would help. She came into my pen and saw how sad I was. I didn’t think she’d pay any attention, but then something magical happened. She called for me to come over. ME! With all the happy young dogs jumping on her and coming to see her, she still wanted to see ME!

I was so happy and I came right over. She saw how much I wanted someone to love and couldn’t leave me there. I came home with her that day. It was a very long ride, but well worth it!

As soon as I got home I took my first roll in the grass in a very long time. Grass felt so much better than dirt! I also had nice, thick, comfy bedding to lie on. I thought I was in heaven!

We went to the vet and found out I had heartworms, a bad skin infection and I needed to put on a lot of weight. I knew I was on my road to recovery and that finally people loved me. It took a while to get back all of my hair, stop itching, and get rid of my heartworms. Now I am 100% healthy and loving life!

Most days I hang out in my man cave. It is a crate that I have outfitted with a comfy bed and blankets. I love it!

Sometimes I go outside to sunbathe. I LOVE to go for car rides too. I am always happy and smiling. Everyone who sees me has to smile because I am such a good looking older gentleman. I make friends with everyone too because I just LOVE new friends!

I get along great with my doggie brothers and sisters. (I have lots of doggie siblings.) We play in the yard and take fun trips together. This year we went to see Santa — that was lots of fun. I love to cuddle in bed and roll in the grass. Sometimes I hide under the blankets. 🙂

Life is good now. I hope to get my CGC and Therapy dog certification so I can show people that pit bulls and senior dogs make wonderful pets.

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Parents: Chrissy & Aaron

Editor’s Note: On March 2, 2014, Mr. Wilson’s mom noticed he was breathing strange & throwing up in the morning. He went to the vet and his chest x-ray showed his lungs are full of cancer. At most the vet thinks he has 3 months. Wilson went home with medications to help with his pains; however it was clear in the next couple of days that he was not getting better. His parents decided to let him go when he was ready.

On March 5, Wilson went peacefully at the vet. His mom wrote, “He loves car rides & we let him go in the car surrounded by people who love him. The vet also adored him & wished there was another option- but he was ready to say goodbye & it was the kindest decision we could make. Thank you everyone for your well wishes. Things went downhill so fast- it’s hard to believe he’s gone. He will forever be in our hearts. We only had him the last 3 years of his life (he was 15) but we made the most of every day with him. He will truly be missed.”