Wilson, Atlanta, GA

Hi! My name is Wilson Potter and I am from Atlanta, Georgia. I am one of the happiest dogs you will ever meet but there was a time I wasn’t sure if I’d be this lucky.

You see, I was born in a place that wasn’t so great. Mom says it was a place called a “backyard breeder” and there were lots of pit bulls there. I was really tiny so my mom didn’t really notice me much. I don’t think she liked me because I was a lot smaller than my brothers and sisters.

There were these people there and one day, they took me from my mom and gave me to some new people who took me away. I was really sad because I was only a month old and missed my mom a lot. I was also really cold because it was winter and I didn’t know how to keep myself warm yet.

The new people took me to a house and there was a kid there. For the first time, I started to feel a little happy! I thought we were going to be best friends and play and snuggle. But, the kid didn’t like me either. She said she wanted a girl puppy not a boy puppy.

So, those people took me back to the place where I was born. I thought I was going back to my mom but the people who had my mom didn’t want me back either. They said I wasn’t worth much money so they didn’t care where I went. That made me very sad because I just wanted some people to keep me warm. It was so cold outside.

The new people said they didn’t want to keep me so they were just going to drop me off at a shelter. I was really scared because I was so small and I didn’t want to get sick or hurt at the shelter.

But that’s when my life started to change! Some nice people heard what the new people were going to do with me so they took me instead. They took some pictures of me and put them on Facebook saying I needed a new home, a good home. Soon a person came and picked me up and took me to a place.

When I got there, there were three humans and even another dog to play with! There were lots of toys and treats and I even got to wear sweaters and sleep in a bed with a person. After a few days, that person told me she was my mom and she loved me and would never let anything happen to me. That was the best day of my life! My mom says it was the best day of her life too.

Ever since then I have had so much fun! I have a whole doggy family and a people family. I even have a Grandma who lets me do things even my mom won’t let me do, like lick the dishes in the dishwasher!! 🙂

I try to be a good boy and learn lots of things so I can teach other puppies how to be polite. I love kids and I even like cats! My favorite things are new friends and snuggling! Also, I have a wonderful new  girlfriend named Gremlin who is one of the most amazing dogs ever!

My mom and I like to do things with pit bull groups in Atlanta to help advocate for pit bulls everywhere and promote responsible pit bull parents. We also try to foster other doggies who don’t have homes and help them find families of their own!

My biggest wishes are one day for pit bulls to be loved and accepted just like any other dog, to end dog fighting and have harsher punishment for those who abuse animals. Some people are scared of me at first, because they have heard bad rumors about pit bulls, but once I teach them how good and nice I am, they love me! I like to show them what pit bulls are really about…like kisses and being funny and, of course, snuggling!

I am also currently studying to pass the Canine Good Citizen test and would love to be a Therapy Dog!

Oh, by the way, I’m one of twelve pit bulls who are StubbyDog’s Super Hero contest winners and we’re going to be in the StubbyDog’s Super Hero 2012 Calendar! Yay!!! I’m fighting BSL in my awesome Anti-BSL Super Hero outfit because fighting BSL is serious business!! 🙂

Thanks for reading my story!


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Parent: Stacey

First and last photos by Amy Rainer Photography