Warrior, Youngstown, OH

Hello! I am Warrior. I got my name even before my mommy adopted me; I was named after her Facebook page Pit Bull Warrior.

My momma Bella gave birth to me and nine of my siblings in August 2012. We were left abandoned in a house and animal control came and got us…and they were gonna kill us all. They did kill my daddy and we all were at risk of being put to sleep very soon.

One night back, my mommy was hard at work sharing babies in need and she seen a picture of my momma — just a picture of hers without all of us — that was being shared Little Friends Foundation. My mommy then shared that photo and a very good friend of hers came and got us all to foster! I call her foster mommy Kelly!

As time went on, my mommy and foster mommy Kelly talked and talked. Foster mommy Kelly sent my mommy pics quite often but it was one pic of me that made my mommy fell in love and then I was named Warrior. Not knowing my fate or the others, foster mommy Kelly took really good care of all us and then she gave my mommy all the info on who to contact about adopting me. So mommy did and I was the only pibble baby adopted from that litter at that time.

However, my mommy had to find a way to get me home to her as I was in Las Vegas and mommy lives in Ohio.

She didn’t give up; she got me home…she had me flown on an airplane! I had a blast! Mommy was a wreck when foster mommy Kelly texted her and told her that I was on the plane — it was a very long ride (14 hours!) but I was a very good little girl and the guys on the plane did not put me in with the other animals, they kept me in the room with them. When we landed, I thought I was home but I wasn’t, I had to do a layover due to me being a pibble (airline policy). So I waited it out and off we went again.

About 2 hours later, we landed again and the very nice airline lady brought me straight into the terminal in my kennel. And I saw her…my mommy! My mommy couldn’t wait to gets me out of there, and when she did, she walked me through the airplane place proudly on a leash!

I have a big brother named Zeus. He is a big Rottie and he took right to me and I took over his food bowl and toys. BOL!! I love my new life now and have helped my mommy. You see, she is a diabetic and she has had 2 really bad low blood sugar reactions and I helped her out of both of them.

The first one was in the very early morning; I seen she was not waking up to take us outside and I thought, “Hmm, something is very wrong here. I must do something.” So I kept licking her face and rubbing my cold nose all over her until she got up, and did the same thing the second time it happened. I was only a baby and after mommy saw what I did to help her, she is going to have me go through school to become her service dog. I love my mommy and I know she loves me too.

I make people laugh too, I like to do silly things all the time. Mommy says that laughter is the best medicine so why not!

She tells me that there are people out there that are very mean to my breed and even some that want us gone! I don’t understand it but she says one day I will. I am so full of love and silliness (and cute if I may add. BOL!!). Mommy says I am one determined little girl and by being so that I can help change the minds of people that don’t like us.

Yours truly,
Warrior aka Miss Hammy

Mom: Michelle