Venus, Morgantown, WV

Hello, my name is Venus! I am a 13-month-old pit bull mix girl. My mom and dad tell me I am the prettiest and sweetest girl in the world, and that I must be very special because although I’ve had a hard life, I’m still so sweet.

I was turned in to the animal shelter when I was 10 months old. The man who took me there said he found me in a Wal-mart parking lot, but the shelter worker knew better.

I was covered in blood and suffering from chronic demodex mange, ear infections, and a painful eye problem. The lady at the shelter couldn’t believe I was so friendly, considering how much I was hurting.

She contacted a local rescue, Pet Helpers, Inc. of Fairmont, WV, to take me into their foster program. When the Pet Helpers volunteers met me, they named me Venus, after the goddess of love and beauty.

I was happy to leave the shelter for a nice foster home.

Over the next two and a half months, my foster mom, Kathy “Mim” Vincent, cared for me while I recovered. Mim took me to the vet every week for mange treatments. She took me to visit the children at the local grade schools, to show the kids how important it is to take good care of their pets.

Mim took lots of pictures of me as I healed, and posted them on the Pet Helpers Facebook page. I didn’t know it, but a lot of people followed my story on the Pet Helpers page, including the people who would become my forever mom and dad. They were looking for a sister for their pit bull, Arlo, and they thought I might be “the one”.

Mim said they would give me a good home, and she promised me that I could visit her any time I wanted. Arlo and I met each other at Petco, and we’ve been together ever since. 🙂

My favorite place to sit is right between mom and dad, so I can give them kisses! Sometimes, if Arlo is already sitting in my spot, I sit on top of him! BOL!

My parents are so happy that I joined the family. They are so very thankful for Pet Helpers and the foster families for the love and compassion they freely give to dogs and cats whom others have thrown away.

They see the value in every four-legged soul, show them that not all people will disappoint them, repair their fragile bodies, and selflessly send them on to a new, forever home.

Because of these wonderful people, I not only have a dad and mom, but will always have my Mim as well.


Parent: Sherry