Tucker, Richardsville, VA

My name is Tucker. My mom found me one day when she was going shopping. Three of my siblings and I were in a pen in front of the store she was going to. The man who bred us was losing his home; he was very sad because it seems that no one wants to rent a house to a person with pit bulls. Anyhow, even though my siblings and I were all trying to look really cute, mom picked me.

For a while it looked like it would just be mom and I, but about a year and a half ago, she adopted another pit bull named, Duchess. Sometimes Duchess can be a pain like most little sisters but I’m glad she is around. Then last year my mom met the most wonderful man, Gregory (they kiss all the time — ugh) and on Christmas Day, he adopted us and we adopted him; we even signed an adoption agreement.

I’m not sure if you can tell by my picture but I’m a pretty big boy—weighing in at 130 pounds. My dad & granddad were both pulling dogs. Dogs like me have a lot of energy and pulling lets us do something fun. I don’t pull anything except for mom & Greg on the leash sometimes but that is still fun.

My mom gets very frustrated with people who say they hate pit bulls for no good reason. Bad people make bad dogs & she says the breed doesn’t matter. Sometimes when people ask her what type of dog I am, she tells that I am a Tucker.

And you know what…she’s right!

Parents: Anna & Gregory

Editor’s Note: On December 8, 2013, Tucker’s mom informed us with a very sad heart that Tucker had crossed the rainbow bridge. “Tucker was a gentle giant who made a lasting impression on everyone that he met. Tuck was 140 pounds of love bug. Like most big dogs, he had no idea of how large or intimidating-looking he could was. Also, like most big dogs, he thought he could fit into your lap. He couldn’t do that but he always fit into your heart. When I learned about the I’m Not a Monster website a few years ago, I sent in Tucker’s picture and story and he was one of the first two dozen dogs featured on the site. We were so proud of our boy for helping pave the way for all of the not-monsters out there. Losing a dog as big as Tucker makes a big hole in your heart. His sister, Duchess, is a bit lost and confused right now; no words will help her heal, just lots of love. Be sure to give your not-monster(s) an extra treat… I am sure Tucker would have appreciated that.”