Truffle, Nakusp, BC

Hi! My name is Truffle and this is my story.

I was born sometime in the first half of 2010. Nothing is known about my first year except that I was bred and had a litter of puppies. Nobody knows what happened to the puppies, who bred me, where I lived exactly, or how I was treated. What I know is that I ended up in NYC ACC and before I knew it, I was on the “To Be Destroyed” list aka Death Row.

I somehow managed to get off the list twice. The third time they put me on the list, I caught my Mom’s eye over the internet. And that’s when my new life began.

I was spayed at the NYC ACC and then sprung by a lovely private citizen who wanted to help as no rescues would allow out-of-area adoptions. I was then boarded for a couple of weeks in NYC while travel arrangements were made. Then I was fostered in Pennsylvania for a few days, put on an early morning flight in New Jersey, and shipped to Seattle. In Seattle, I was picked up by a caring family and driven to Spokane, WA, where Mom was waiting for me to arrive.

She got us a motel and then we drove back 5 hours to our village in the mountains of British Columbia. It truly took a village! Many folks were involved in my logistics, and many more donated money to the boarding, flight and other costs, which were over $800. And I cannot thank everyone enough for doing this for me, a ex-Death Row pit bull!

I now live on 5 acres in the mountains of British Columbia. I live with 3 dogs (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers), 2 cats, 1 human, and I get a very special diet of raw, cooked and holistically prepared food. It took me a few days to relax well enough to be introduced slowly to the dogs and I still have issues with one of them, but Mom says all in all I am the best, most grateful sweet dog she has ever known.

I am potty trained, friendly, and very good with friendly people. New experiences make me nervous and sometimes I bark at people when I am scared, but Mom says with patience and time I should get over that and am already starting to.

I am a grateful dog. I try my best to behave and get along with everyone and Mom knows that’s going to take some time. She is very kind to me, but won’t let me get away with some of the stunts I try to pull. Currently we are working on my social skills with people.

I snuggle in bed with Mom on rotation with the other dogs, which is a far cry from the plastic floor of the New York Animal Concentration Camp.

I love running in the woods on the trails and Mom knows lots of great places where we don’t run into other people or dogs so we can run free and gets lots of exercise. I run at top speeds and sometimes jump over my brother and sister dogs if they stop in my path! I am very polite and NEVER run into them or Mom. We did try out the beach and I almost drowned trying to swim! But I am getting less scared and even have my own life jacket.

I love to play tug and bring all my toys into the living room in a big pile and then lay with my head on them. I like bringing Mom’s shoes in there too, so they can be with my toys. My favorite past times so far are curling up on the sofa next to Mom, babysitting my 3-month-old retriever puppy, running in the woods and squeaky toys.

By the way, some people say I look like a mix (lab or shar pei have been suggested!) but others say run-of-the-mill pit bull. Some pit fans call us pibbles. I like that word A LOT, so I call myself a pibble. Sometimes Mom calls me her Pib — I love that!

So that’s my story, a dainty little brown pibble who was saved from Death Row in New York City and now living the life in Canada!

Love, Truff

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Parent: Trisha