Titus & Hailey, Islip Terrace, NY

Hi, My name is Titus and my girl is Hailey. We were both rescued from shelters as pups. I was rescued from a NYC shelter and Hailey was rescued from one in Virginia.

Mommy and Daddy had always talked about adopting a Pit Bull and finally made the decision to in 2008. They saw Hailey’s pic on Petfinder and were soon on their way to Virginia to pick her up.

Once they got her home to their other 3 dogs, they realized that everything they have ever heard about pit bulls were all myths. They had never met a sweeter, lovable more submissive dog in their lives.

Mommy knew Hailey was special. She started taking her to Therapy Dog classes that she passed with flying colors. Unfortunately, she did not pass the test due to her barking at the photographer when his flash went off and lens shot out. 🙁

That didn’t matter because Mommy knew what she wanted to prove all along, Pit Bulls make awesome therapy dogs!

Flash forward to 2011. Mommy was scrolling through Facebook and saw a ugly lil pup needing a foster home; ME. I was found on the streets of the Bronx with mange and a broken femur in my back leg (guess that made me easy to catch).

I sat in the shelter watching people just walk right by me. Who really wanted a mangy lil ugly pup? My time was almost up before someone noticed my inner beauty and rescued me. I had my leg fixed and began treatment for my mange. I needed crate rest due to surgery on my broken leg so I sat in boarding.

Hailey had just finished 3 months of crate rest after ACL surgery and Mommy still had the crate upstairs. Mommy always wanted to help us rescued/homeless animals in some way and figured fostering would be a great start.

In April, she began fostering me and training me so I would be perfect for my new family. She had the perfect home lined up for me, only a block away.

Unfortunately that home fell through and Mommy realized that she could not let me go. I had fallen head-over-heels in love with Hailey and Mommy could not bear the thought of tearing me away from her.

Once Mommy decided that she was keeping me she knew that she had to make me my own Facebook page. She said she just had to share my pawsome personality with the world.

What turned out to be a fun little page has turned into so much more. With Mommy’s help it seems that I have become quite the celebrity. I have made several TV appearances — News 12 Long Island, Newsday — featured in a few magazines and newspapers, freelance for American Pet Magazine, and each morning I do a daily weather report which it seems some can no longer live without. 🙂

Mommy started volunteering for rescue and eventually started her own rescue with some of my Facebook Aunts. Hailey and I are now Ambassadogs for our rescue, Peace Love –N- Rescue Angels.

We help Mommy fundraise by setting up kissing booths at fundraisers and holding auctions on our Facebook page. We have been able to help so many rescues and homeless furbabies and the feeling that comes from it is immeasurable.

Hailey and I were married in a backyard ceremony, on July 14th, 2013, where we were able to raise over $5,000 for rescue. We were joined by over 100 of our Facebook friends and family and it is what I call, The Best Day Ever!

Of course it was not a “real” wedding as they do not offer dog marriage licenses but Mommy knew that I just love Hailey so much that she thought it would be a great way to raise money for rescue. And because we are spayed and neutered and do not believe in breeding, we may adopt a puppy in the future.

We work very hard to dispel the myths that have been brought upon our breed and have been successful in changing many people’s minds about Pit Bulls. We have had a few people start fostering pit bulls, only to foster fail, because they realized what we knew all along, we are that awesome.

We know that everything we have been able to do would not be possible without all of our fans so we would like to thank each and every one of you.

We will continue to be advocates for our breed and raise awareness for shelter and homeless animals and those with no voice. We will also continue to work tirelessly to raise awareness for abused and neglected animals.

We were 2 of the lucky dogs that found their happy furever but we will not be totally happy till we can do the same for all the other homeless, lonely animals out there.

Please join us on our journey to help as many as we can; visit us at Titus and His Girl Hailey.


Parent: Laura