Tiny, Las Vegas, NV

My name is Tiny and my story started 10 years ago when a boy named Cody was shopping at Albertson’s, a grocery store.

He heard something coming from a bag in a shopping cart and went to see what it was. The bag was full of puppies and I was one of them. I was the only one alive; the other three were dead. There was blood everywhere in the bag because someone cut off my ears.

Cody rushed me and the bag of other puppies home to his mom, Bonnie (I call her Grandma). Cody buried the other puppies and then they rushed me to the vet. The vet said that with care and love, I would live.

When my grandma asked what kind of dog I was, the vet said, “Looks like a Pit Bull.” I heard my grandma Bonnie say, “OMG! Not a pit bull. That is the worst kind of dog ever.” She told Cody that he could only keep me until I was well enough to find another home. After all I was a pit bull and pit bulls are killers, and they have other animals to care for.

So Cody took me to his Grams Vee and Gramps Dee house to stay until I was healthy. Believe me, they were not too thrilled to have a pit bull in the house because of course when I got big, I was going to turn on them and kill them.

I got my name because whenever they said “tiny,” I would look at them and wag my tail. So I guess I named myself. 🙂

As I grew, so did my heart and my personality. I loved everyone and begged them to love me.

Grams started to teach me tricks. There wasn’t a trick I couldn’t learn. Nothing was too hard. They say I am the smartest dog they have ever seen. I would go and get them things, like shoes and the newspaper. I even carried Grams gardening bucket everywhere for her!

I had a home and everyone was happy. I was so smart that I got certified as a Service Wonderbull! And in my whole life, I have never growled or tried to bite another living thing.

Two years ago, Gramps had a brain tumor removed. I brought him his pills and even forced him to get up and walk around when he didn’t want to. I helped him get better. I helped him heal.

In May 2012, Grams was diagnosed with colon cancer. She was in the hospital for so long. I would put my head on her chair and on her bed waiting for her to come home. When I would go to the hospital I would just stare at her. I was so worried. Finally in June she got to come home. She had to go through Chemo. Sometimes when she doesn’t feel good or is sad I make her laugh. I do silly things and I tell her about everything (I am a very vocal boy).

Then in September, Grams saw a bump the size of a dime on my tummy by my leg. She rushed me to the vet to see what it was. Before the test results came back, the lump had grown to the size of a baseball!

Cancerous Mast Cell Tumor. The vet said that it can’t be operated on because the tumor is growing too fast and had made my body weak. and because of how fast it grew, radiation and chemo would not be good.

But I am comfortable and still happy. I have not lost my spirit.

Before I end my journey here, I have one request from each and everyone that sees my story: Please keep up the fight to end BSL. And don’t stop fighting until there are no more dogs that don’t have homes. We are not throwaways.

Since I came into my grandma Bonnie’s life, she has adopted 4 other wonderbulls and fostered hundreds. I showed them what being a WONDERBULL is.

After I am gone, she will keeping posting dogs in need on my page. She promised to continue our fight!

Tiny the Wonderbull

Grandparent: Bonnie

From Tiny’s Grams: Tiny went to the bridge at 9:30 pm on October 1, 2012. We were all with him when he crossed. When Tiny awoke yesterday, I could tell he was feeling bad. He still insisted on getting the paper and protecting the yard from the blue jays. He spent most of the day lying on the grass with his brother Capone. Last night he gathered his Pooh bear and lay on his big pillow. We were talking about his life and how he made us laugh. He closed his eyes and was gone. His tail never stopped wagging until the end.

Tiny now rests under his favorite tree.