Tiinkerbell, Jacksonville, FL

“No matter how dark the moment, love and hope are always possible.”
— George Chakiris

My name is Tiinkerbell (that’s with two “i”s) and I was rescued from Jacksonville Animal Care and Protective Services (ACPS). They found me roaming the streets in a bad area of town.

As you can see from my photo taken the day I was first rescued, I was in a rough shape.

I weighed 26 pounds, I was literally skin and bones, was very weak. I was completely bald, was bleeding all over my body and my poor paws had no padding on the bottom of them at all. Everyone was sure that I was used as a breeding dog as I looked as if I’d had several litters. Oh, and my teeth had been filed down. 🙁

ACPS contacted Pit Sisters and said that they had a dog who was in very bad shape, but refused to stop wagging her tail. Pit Sisters’ founder, Jen Watson, drove to the shelter to see me.

There I was, curled up in a tiny ball at the back of my cage. But I saw her. Slowly I got up and came to the front of the cage with my tail wagging.

That was it. Jen fell in love with me right then and there so lo-and-behold, I became a Pit Sisters dog. 🙂

I was named Tiinkerbell by Tiny Pit Sister. She looked at my picture and without hesitation said, “We shall call her Tiinkerbell.” (Tiny Pit Sister is 4 years old. She adores me and I adore her back!)

I stayed at the veterinarian for about two months while tests were run and I was given fluids and frequent feedings to help me gain weight. I was initially diagnosed with auto immune disorder. I was also put on several different medications and required daily baths to help my skin recover.

I started to gain weight, and then started losing weight all of a sudden, so I was brought back to the vet, where lots of bloodwork and tests were run. I stayed at the vet for another few weeks while my rescuers tried different methods of treatment. I was put on different medication and given prescription food. I started gaining weight and have been able to keep the weight on.

I also gained lots of friends on my Facebook page, Tiinkerbell’s Time. I was on the local television news as a spokesdog for homeless pets. I joined my sisters (Pit Sisters) at ACPS as they told my story and spoke about other animals in need of help and homes. I even made my red carpet debut as the guest of honor at a showing of the film Beyond the Myth. I was all dolled up with my pearl necklace and pink tutu! 🙂

But my greatest claim to fame: I beat the odds!

I now weigh a healthy 38 pounds. I still don’t have any hair and my sisters don’t think I ever will, but I have a very strong spirit. And the best news? I’m ready to find my forever home!!

Here are some quick facts about me:

  • I’m about 7 years old
  • I’m spayed, vaccinated and heartworm negative
  • I ADORE children
  • I’m always happy — my tail never stopped wagging through all that I had been through
  • Everyone says I’m ridiculously cute and everyone who meets me absolutely loves me! 🙂

My sisters and my foster family love me so much they would really like for me to stay in or near Jacksonville, FL, so I can continue to be a spokesdog for Pit Sisters, to be the voice for animals who are not receiving proper care.

So if you are that forever person for me, live near Jacksonville and are ready for my unconditional love, contact sisters@pitsisters.org!

And don’t forget to visit my page to follow my story!


Editor’s Note: On April 26, 2013, Pit Sisters happily announced that Tiinkerbell has finally found her forever home and we couldn’t be happier for this girl. 🙂 Here’s the video of Tiinkerbell’s adoption.