Tigger, Waco, TX


I’m Tigger Marie Morris…aka…Grandmaw Tigg, MawMaw, Tigga Lou and various other silly nicknames my human mom and boy call me.

I live in Texas. I am an American Pitbull Terrier. I just recently celebrated my 22nd birthday which means… I’m VERY wise! (Mom says to say “and spoiled”)

Many years ago, a family member and her sons rescued me. I was four years old. I’m pretty smart and knew I needed a change of scenery so I escaped the place where I was chained. 

I was found wandering thru an apartment complex parking lot. I had a heavy tractor chain around my neck and dragging down past my feet. I still have a faint scar where the chain had rubbed into my skin.

Mom’s family asked if she would help find me a home and she agreed. At first, she was very concerned because she did not have much information about “pitbulls.” She only heard negative things about them on TV. 

She decided to ask a trainer and then read up about how AMAZING, MAFNIFICENT, GOOFY and PERFECT pitbulls are. 🙂

The trainer said I was perfect… (lol of course, I could have told her that) and mom decided to keep me. The very night i came home, I crawled up the stairs of my boys bunkbed to sleep with him…my sneaky plan to make sure mom knew I need to stay ♥♥

It worked!!! I’ve had my mommy and boy for 18 years. I also have countless human friends and family.

There are two MOST FAVORITE things I am SUPER passionate about: low cost spay and neuter AND Bully Breed shelter adoptions. All dogs like me should have the chance to be owned by a loving family and being altered keeps us SUPER-DUPER HEALTHY!

My VERY most favorite thing was to be a foster grandmaw dog for dogs that were in transition…dogs who were waiting for their own family.

Since I’m older now, mom, my boy and human friends and family let me sleep, ride around in the truck and eat anything I want (Pizza and tomatoes are THE BEST).

I’m slowing down and the days with my people are becoming less and less. My humans struggle with knowing that. I do my best every day cause they give me extra love these days ♥ I am brave for them because I know they know things are changing.

So I want to close by saying give pitbulls a chance… cause I paw promise they will fill your heart with wiggles and unconditional love.

I’m inherently GOOD ♥ ♥ ♥

Tigger girl from Texas

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Parent: Julie

Photo credit: Crazy M Photography, Waco Town Photography