Tiger, Douglassville, PA

Hi! My name is Tiger but my Mommy calls me Tiggy!

I have a great life now but not long ago, I was one of those faces on NYC ACC’s Urgent List. šŸ™ I was surrendered to the Brooklyn shelter on Friday, May 11, 2012, because my elderly human had to move to a place that doesn’t allow pets. I kept looking at her, not wanting her to leave me at this place…

It didn’t help that they said I was 12 years old so I got on the “list” the next day! I don’t know what the list is about but I don’t like the sound of it.

Luckily, one woman happened to be surfing Facebook late on a Saturday night and saw a post on Midnight and Pippy ā€” who she transported and didn’t know were from NY ACC. As she was chatting with Lynn from Urgent Part 2 – Urgent Death Row Dogs and scanning her page, she saw ME!! She said I reminded her of his “brother” growing up, Tiger the Boxer. She looked at my picture and she heard MOMMY!

So she start asking Lynn about me and the next thing she knows, she was up doing applications until 2am. Harriet from Urgent put a hold on me for her, but I was on the list so needless to say she stayed up all night hoping I was alive, worrying herself into a bad migraine.

She finally got the word after 10am that I was alive and was told “Get in your car and go!” So she began her 4+ hour drive to Brooklyn in Mother’s Day traffic with a pounding head to the city ALONE (she is NOT a city person) to get HER TIGGY!

She finally arrived at the shelter (after getting lost first, of course!), walked in and told them she’s here to adopt me…and then she waited. There were A LOT of people that day adopting, so she didn’t mind waiting, seeing one pittie after the next doing meet-and-greets, getting applications and finding homes!

Then FINALLY they opened the door and this is how Mommy likes to tell the story: “Here came a beautiful boy bounding RIGHT TOWARDS ME ā€” like HE KNEW! I squatted down and he greeted me with a kiss that knocked my on my BUTT!!!” LOL!!

So I hopped in the back of Mommy ‘s Ford Escape. A few min later, I was in the back seat, and then I was up kissing her while she sat in traffic! šŸ™‚ I was SOOOO happy!! My Mom said she saw the love in my eyes and that was it!

I never lived with other dogs and Mommy had three, so she started thinking, “Oh no! What if this doesn’t work?” HA! I took it like a CHAMP! Laid back and mellow, I was like, “Hey, I’m Tiggs, I don’t play.” LOL!

Mommy thought I was a low energy 12-year-old when she got me ā€”Ā I had the kennel cough so we went to a new vet 5 minutes from my house that has 24-hour emergency care. They got me on meds and when we had to go for a follow up, I nearly dragged her out the house! We went in to wait and I jumped up on the bench and sat on it right next Mommy! Everyone was laughing, asking about where I came from and Mommy happily told them my story.

Before we left, a lovely woman that works there told Mommy she probably saw me before because she is ALWAYS on the Urgent Part 2 page and that she was so happy Mommy took in a senior. She had tears in her eyes and Mommy knew she’s found the right vet for all her dogs.

Since I was now healthy, Mommy scheduled my dental. Yes, I needed extensive work. (OMG, Mommy said.) I had one missing tooth with exposed nerve, and they had to cauterize all the gums because they had grown up over my teeth!

She made that appointment and I went while Mommy was being a nervous mommy waiting all day to hear. She showed up and they say, “OH, TIGER?” She said, “Yeah, why?” “Oh, he was CRYING LIKE A BABY as soon as he woke up!” The vet told my Mom there is no way I am 12, maybe 9 at the most! šŸ˜‰ Well, after just having MAJOR surgery, out comes a bouncy me! LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED! LOL!

Mommy and I are bonded! I MUST sleep next to her in bed and MUST be touching her in some way. I’ve learned I need to share Mommy with my bro and sisters. I don’t really play with them ā€” they run around all excited together to greet Mommy, but I prefer to just play with the tennis ball with Mommy.

Mommy says I’m very polite; I bring the ball back and drop it, and when I don’t that means I’m done! When Mommy comes home, I like to grab a bone or my stuffed fish and run around wiggling!

I now have a 13-year-old Lab sister, a 12-year-old Foxhound brother and a 2-year-old CRAZY COONHOUND sister, Star!

Mommy recently went to volunteer in SC at the shelter Star came from and I stayed with her friends. Of course they FELL IN LOVE with me! And they were so sad when I left now Mommy keep sharing dogs at NYC ACC who look like me with them!

Mommy loves telling people “I LOVE BOUNCY TIGGY!!” šŸ™‚ I love you too, Mommy!

Thanks for reading my story!

Parent: JoLynn