Theo, Guilderland, NY

Hi! I’m Theo!

I was found as a stray on the side of the road when I was only 9 weeks old. While it is common to find stray dogs, this was particularly sad because not only was I little, I also was unable to walk.

I was brought to the shelter in Utica, NY. At first the people there thought I had been hit by a car but they soon realized that wasn’t the case. In an effort to get me the care and diagnosis I would require, they asked Out Of The Pits to take me.

Since coming into the rescue, I have had an MRI and extensive bloodwork. The results showed that my cerebellum was partially missing, likely not completely formed while in the womb. The cerebellum controls motor function. This is why I’m bright, alert and every bit a puppy, but I have no ability to control the movement of my legs.

Check out my first video after I was rescued. I couldn’t do much back then, although my tail wagged pretty good. 🙂

So off to Eddie’s Wheels we went, and I was fitted with a cart. My current cart has 4 wheels and I get along in it very well. But when out of it I don’t have any motor control so I flop around or do the army crawl trying to move myself along. I received my adult cart and I’m adjusting nicely to my new wheels.

When my foster parents first started fostering me, I couldn’t walk or even sit up on my own, but now I’m really strong in the front end and can sit up without a problem. I can even walk up to 10 steps on my own, but I don’t know how to stop myself so I kind of do a drop and roll. 🙂

I’m up for adoption through Out of the Pits. Here’s my stats:

  • I am currently 14 months old and about 56 lbs
  • I’m happy, playful and incredibly sweet-natured
  • I’m basically housebroken but need to stick to a schedule
  • I’m crate-trained and hold it all night and then all day while my fosters are at work
  • I LOVE all people and animals, but I would be best in a home without small children because of my inability to control my movements
  • I recently stayed in a home with two cats while my foster parents were on vacation and I loved them!
  • I will always be disabled and require a considerable amount of care; my future family will have to be OK with lifting me into my cart as I grow

I am a lot of work, but I’m worth the reward. 🙂 Check out my TV debut in Pet Connection with Steve Caporizzo!

Everyday I deal with not being able to stand or balance on my own, but with my cart, I am ready to achieve anything. I have a physical condition, but it doesn’t hinder my ability to love and be loved. Against all odds I have progressed and thrived, making the world realize I deserve to be a part of it. I really do make it a better place!

Help me find a home that can allow me to thrive, grow and enjoy the life that I have fought to live. I deserve to be a part of a family and I will continue to wait for my perfect match.

Theo AKA “Nugget”

p.s. If you’d like to open your home to me, please fill out the application. Thank you!

Editor’s Note: On August 17, 2015, Theo is officially adopted!! From his page:

“I’m happy to announce that I FINALLY found a FOREVER family of my own. No longer a New Yorker, I’m now a Jersey boy & hope to see less snow then last year 🙂 I’ve been living w/my forever family for a little over a month now & before posting the big news we wanted to make sure all went well & I adjusted to my new family. I love my parents Heylin & George & as you can see I have some siblings as well, Scout, Luke, Mia, Charlotte & Jordie. Don’t worry, you’ll still be getting updates from time to time because my foster ‘rents (AKA my godparents/forever woof-sitters) will be staying in touch with us & updating my page.

I want to thank the Stevens Swan Humane Society for taking me in & contacting Out of the Pits for bringing me into their rescue & giving me the second chance at life. I also want to thank everyone who follows my page & everyone who has helped me along the way to help with my rehabilitation and helping me find my forever family. Enjoy the rest of your summer….

XOXO, Theo”