Tater, Burnsville, MN

Well, where do I start? I guess I should start by telling you a few general facts about my handsome self! 🙂

My name is Tater Tot but I am only called Tater Tot when I decide to be naughty and pretend my humans are invisible. I turned 18 months old on April 13, 2014 and I am a purebred American Pit Bull Terrier. So, I planned on keeping my whole story a secret from my new family but my savior (who you will learn about a little later) decided to spill the beans!

I was born in Kansas on October 13, 2014 with all my little pudgy Pitty siblings—I dare you to say that 5x fast! At a measly 5 weeks old I was sold to this man who brought me home to his family where I would live for about 4 months. There were 2 little kids and a big person lady! As much as I loved my family, I wanted to be with *my* mommy and siblings just a few more weeks so I could grow into a big and strong puppy but don’t get me wrong, I loved my new family!

One day, I heard a very loud  pounding at the door and these big scary guys came into the house. They cuffed my human daddy and took him away!! I didn’t know what was happening but I wanted my daddy.

Next, some more big guys came, scooped me up and brought me to their truck where I was going to be taken to be put down since where I lived I was illegal. 🙁 Thankfully, a nice lady came and she put me in her car where we drove to a nice place with other 4-leggeds!

I stayed there for about a month and a half and really loved it! We played LOTS of fetch and I romped a lot with her senior 4-legged!

I was then off to Minnesota! Let’s just say I don’t want to ride in a truck that long again… I was fetch deprived! We arrived and there were very nice people who came and greeted me. I then went to my foster home where there was another human daddy, a human mommy, 3 little human people and two 4-leggeds. Oh how I loved the little human people!

Apparently I was a feisty puppy but hey, I’m a puppy! I even bugged my 4-legged foster brother so much he told me off! RUDE! After that, I kept my distance… Sheesh, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed!

My girl had been wanting a Pit Bull since October 2012, a few months after she was diagnosed with multiple mental health issues. That is also when she learned about them, and she instantly fell in love. My girl thought having a Pit Bull type dog would be perfect for becoming a Service Dog since they are very determined, loving and can switch from play to working very easily.

Her and her mom moved to Minnesota from California in May and the big human person promised her a Pit Bull. Right when they moved she started searching Petfinder and rescues in Minnesota for the perfect Pit. One day she saw the most HANDSOME Blue Pitty ever, me of course! She started to cry when she looked at my picture because she knew I was supposed to be hers. There was just something that felt “right” about me…that is the only way she can explain it!

Well, our landlord who lives in Australia told us she is NOT going to have a Pit Bull in “her” house (they are renting). The humans purchased renters insurance but the landlord was still not going to have a “killer” live in her house. The insurance, property manager and rescue were just stunned. We finally got through to her and within a few days I made the trip to my forever family’s house! 🙂

It was love at first sight when I saw my girl but the big human person…not so much. She was not too fond of me. The big human person was not a fan of male dogs in general and thought I looked really tough and even a bit scary.

After a few months the big person said, “I don’t know why people give the bad looks they do when I am walking him!!” and my girl and I knew she had fallen in love with me. Now I have her wrapped around my paw! The big person is obsessed with me now! Maybe not love at first sight but it is sure love now! 🙂

In October we joined the Service Dog Organization 1 Boy 4 Change and in February started working with one of their trainers, James. James is a HUGE advocate for the American Pit Bull Terrier and has owned them for over 25 years. My girl knew he was the perfect trainer for me when they first talked!

When not working or training, I LOVE to swim! I used to not want anything to do with water but a doggy friend pushed me in one at the dog park and since then I haven’t ever wanted to get out! I love my Lola who I always go to the dog park with, also. We first met at camp then started to go to the park together. She is BOSSY! People think it’s very funny to watch us play because Lola is the dominant one out of us and always beats me up… 🙁 she is also HALF my weight… I am just a big and clumsy goofball.

In April 2014, my girl notices my happiness declining. I was getting VERY stressed on outings and worried more about other people than her, trying to go up to crying kids and just trying to make EVERYONE happy. I would even run away when my girl picked up my vest; I used to run toward it. 🙁

After the humans talked, they decided that I would no longer train to become a Service Dog. It just was not right for me and they care about my happiness. They told me that was okay and I can become whatever I want to: an agility dog, house dog or maybe even a dog park dog! BOL!

Oh, and BEST part is that my girl sometimes gives me some food off her plate when eating…Shhh!!!!

Fostering is something we do as well. We got our first foster in December 2013. His name is Bear. He was dog reactive/aggressive especially with females but I helped rehabilitate him. He is now living at his forever home and gets along with 80- 90% of other dogs! 🙂

I have escaped the consequences of irresponsible breeding, a future of being bred, living the rest of my life in a motel, BSL and being euthanized because of my breed. If you don’t think I’m lucky then I don’t know what lucky is! My story is to inspire people that no matter what bumps in the road you experience ANYTHING is possible!

I am Tater and I am NOT a Monster!

Tater ♥

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Parent: Amaya