Starla & Zephyr, Spokane, WA

My name is Starla and Zephyr is my little sister. We were both adopted from the Spokane Humane Society. Me and my litter mates were surrendered to the shelter when we were just 5 weeks old. Lucky for us, we went straight to a wonderful foster home and didn’t have to spend any time in the shelter.

I met my mom a couple weeks later. The moment I saw her, I knew she was mine! I ran straight up to her and gave her a big puppy kiss. That’s when she knew we were meant to be together.

My mom adopted me and we’ve been best friends ever since.

I was mom’s first puppy so I was good for her. I was potty trained in only a couple weeks. I rarely ever chewed anything I wasn’t supposed to, and I slept all through the night. I was a breeze at training. Mom didn’t work much so she was almost always home and we did everything together. She calls me her baby, because I am like her first child.

Mom ended up rescuing/ adopting a couple more dogs throughout the years so I’m not an only child anymore. She rescued Mr. Bojangles from the streets. Breezy was rescued from a bad home. And mom adopted Zephyr from the humane society while she was at the fair.

Zephyr was complete opposite of me, she was a wild child. She wasn’t a mean dog, just very crazy. Mom had to take her to a few trainers before she finally found a method of training that works for Zephyr.

Now that Zephyr is more under control, she is an awesome dog. Zephyr is very smart and learns new things fast. She is mom’s little trick dog and loves to perform her tricks to people. Zephyr has become a great bully breed ambassador.

Zephyr and I are best friends now. We love to play and do everything together. Mom takes me and Zephyr to events all the time and we help bring awareness of shelter animals and what wonderful companions we can be. We always encourage others to adopt, not shop! And if anyone ever has questions about it, we help educate them.

When mom is able to, she fosters for the Spokane Humane Society. We have a lot of fun helping to raise kittens and occasionally puppies. It’s hard for us when they get adopted but we are happy to have given them that chance.

Me and Zephyr, along with our other siblings have an Instagram where you can follow us on our daily adventures and to bring awareness on rescue dogs. Follow us @starlas.pack.

Zephyr and I are on a mission, to change minds about shelter dogs and pit bulls. We advocate for them and we educate about them. Our motto is Adopt, Don’t Shop! While animals are still dying in shelters, we don’t believe people should be purchasing from breeders or pet stores. Save a life instead.

Someday we hope that every animal has a home and there will be no need for animal shelters anymore.

Thank you for reading our story!

Parent: Brytany