Starbuck, Washington, DC

My name is Starbuck now. I don’t remember much from when I was a tiny baby, but I remember a couple things.

I remember they took me away from my Mommy, some people came and took me away from her. The next thing I remember? Well we went for a car ride. I was sitting on the person’s lap I thought was my family. Then they grabbed me.

It all happened so very fast and I don’t know what I did to make them do this to me. I remember them grabbing me and things getting really blurry and a WOOSH. Then I was on the ground. What happened? We were going for a car ride, and now I am tumbling across the ground?

It hurt so bad. There was lots of blood coming from me and the ground was so cold. I tried to get up to get out of the road — I didn’t want another car to come by — but I couldn’t walk. My back leg was twisted and mangled. it hurt so bad. I figured this was it. 🙁

I saw a bright light. But I am just 3 months old! I am not ready for this!

The lights came fast at first. I wanted them to go away so bad, I closed my eyes so I couldn’t see them anymore. It slowed down… I think it’s working!! The light got bigger and brighter and it got really close to me, then it stopped!!

Oh I was so happy I thought I was done for!! Then I saw a person! Oh the lights were another car! They saw me and stopped for me! The person had a really nice uniform, and now I know that it was a Police Officer!

They scooped me up and told me I was safe now. They brought me to some rescue people who immediately took me to the Vet. The Doc told me everything would be okay and I can take a nap now, he gave me some medicines to help me sleep.

When I woke up there was some new people from Lotsa Love Pet Rescue & Adoptions. They paid my doctor bills and came over and said that they would help me learn to walk again. What are they talking about? I didn’t forget to walk! Maybe this medicine is confusing me. I’m gonna nap some more.

I woke up in a totally new place, and there was A LOT of dogs. Dogs of all kinds, and cats and some other animals! I thought maybe I was in heaven but then the people from before were there!

They checked on my owies. I looked too. Where did my leg go? I thought Doc was supposed to fix me not take away my whole leg! I need that!! I was sad, but I was alive, and the people said they would help me. They were so kind so I will listen to them.

I am so glad I did! Over the next month they helped me crawl, then walk, then run!! All my cuts and scrapes had healed into scars, some of those even cleared up a little! I got noms every day, and other animals to play with! Then one day they took me and some other puppies in the car. Oh no, here we go again! 🙁

Well I not sure where we went, but it was awesome. 🙂 We got to this place that had lots of other animals from other rescues. My rescue parents put us in the pen, and one of the older more wiser doggies from another group said we were at an adoption fair! They said this is how we can maybe find our forever home!

But I liked the family at the rescue. Then she told me that they can’t save other doggies if I am eating all the food! So I was hesitant but they are probably right. My rescue Momma came and scooped me up, and took me away from the fair. Ummm, where are we going? All the other doggies are in there; why are we going outside?

Then it happened. I saw this lady, and she saw me. She started tearing up and she looked so pathetic, I didn’t want her to be pathetic alone so I put on this pitiful face. Rescue Momma handed me to this crazy person, who held me and hugged me so hard. But it was so nice! I relaxed and I really like hugs! Okay I guess I like this lady too. She gives good hugs.

So I hanging out with her and she and rescue Momma kept saying Foster? Okay so this is a Foster Mom? I meeting a lot of people and living a lot of places. When will I get a family?

Foster Mom had her furkids, 2 labs in the car. It was a truck and there was no backseat, so we all cuddled together the bench seat. Scout — the younger yellow lab — stood over me and I wasn’t scared cause if she’s protecting me I can’t get thrown outta the car again. Bubba —the older black lab — let me rest my head on him while I took a nap.

She started calling me Starbuck. Apparently in her favorite TV show there is someone named Starbuck that is tough, rough around the edges, but still really cute. She went through something that should have killed her, but instead came back, as an angel and lead the human race to their new home.

Over the next week we went on lots of adventures, I went to Foster Moms work, to the retirement home to visit with the residents (WHICH I LOVED), I went shopping and I met so many people. I kept thinking “is that my new family?” But I really liked it at Foster Mom’s house. They have other dogs for me to play with, and noms, and I get to sleep in the bed, and Foster Mom even cuddles with me! I didn’t wanna leave…

And I didn’t have to!! About a week later Foster Mom got an e-mail that said “of course we can adopt her”! 🙂

I got a big hug and Foster Mom, well Mum. She started crying. She says I have a Daddy too but he’s out to sea. I’ll meet him in a couple months.

My new family is great! We moved away from our old house, but we still a family! And I get to go to work with Mum in a Daycare, we have a big yard for Zoomies, and we are working on my training to be a therapy dog.

My dream is to show the world that we are sweet dogs, that people hurt us and we are still sweet dogs. I also want to help people who have lost a limb like I have.

Oh ya about that! I am doing great, I can run and swim and even hike!! I forget about it most time time! And most all of my scars have healed, although the hair came in white instead of black? Mum said it’s character, and I have lots of it! 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to read my story!

All my love,

Parent: Allison