Star, Houston, TX

Hello! I’m Star! My rescue mom met me when she found me wandering around her house one day. She was on her way to help out at an adoption event and she found me instead.

She put up “Found Dog” fliers around the neighborhood and my owners eventually showed up…but they told her that they didn’t want me anymore. They simply didn’t pay much attention to me; I used to belong to some relatives who didn’t treat me too well either and gave me to them. I spent most of my days in the garage.

Then they told my rescue mom that they would take me to the pound sooner or later!

She simply couldn’t let that happen. She said I was so beautiful and obedient (when she found me, she put a leash on me easily because I was so calm). She could easily tell that my owners was not giving me all the love and attention I deserved.

It was an easy surrender, sadly, since they didn’t want me anymore. She told them that she’d help find me a home…and that was it. After they surrendered me, however, she told them that’s the end of their relationship with me. I was in her care now and I couldn’t go back. From then on out, she would be in the process of finding a NEW home for me.

First, with the help of a rescue volunteer, they got me spayed and up to date on my shots. Afterward I just ended up with my rescue mom despite having three girls of her own. That was 3 months ago and I’ve been with her ever since.

Unfortunately, my rescue mom is moving to Austin very soon to go to school and she can’t take me with her. She would be so at ease knowing I had a home before she left. She will not take me to a shelter, and would rather know I’m with a great new owner. As my rescue mom, she want her to be in a good place before she goes.

I’m so energetic, so loving and her home simply does not compare to the life she believes I would have with a family that will have me forever, with a big chunk of land for me to run around in. (*Wink, wink!*)

Here’s my quick stat:

  • I’m 2 years-old and sweet
  • I’m perfectly healthy and fit!
  • I’m spayed and up to date on my shots
  • I’m good with other dogs — not aggressive, maybe very playful! (Not so sure with cats, though)
  • I LOVE to run around, so my rescue mom said I need a new home with a lot of space.

My rescue mom says I have a very unique way of looking at you — a very insightful stare. But yes, I’m very energetic and always want to make new friends…because I’m like a friend, that friend that thinks you’re really cooky but loves you anyway! Haha!

I’m very, very loyal. I’ll stay at your side all night, whether you’re just stationed somewhere in the house working or taking a nap. I’m always there for you. My rescue mom tells me I’m a beautiful girl that deserves a beautiful home.

She is sure I will be a wonderful addition to a wonderful family and she KNOWS they’re out there! They just have to come forward and say “Yes, THAT is the dog for me!”

Will anyone fall in love with my picture, see my beauty even through a photograph? My rescue mom just wants you to meet me in person because she has no doubt you’ll fall in love with me!


If you’re interested in adopting me, please contact my rescue mom, Isabella, at or call 832-726-5675. Even if you live outside the Houston area such as Dallas, San Antonio or Austin, if you really want to meet me, distance won’t be a problem. My rescue mom can drive out there or we can meet halfway.