Snyder, Pittsburgh, PA

Hi! My name is Snyder and I’m an elderbull. I am somewhere between 10 and 11 years old.

Nothing is known about my early years but it is thought that I spent most of my life on the streets of Brooklyn, NY.

My story begins on October 20th, 2011, when New York Animal Care & Control picked me up and took me to the Brooklyn Center. I was skinny and covered in fly bites. But, I kept smiling!

After a fake hold ā€” meaning someone put a deposit to adopt me but never showed up ā€” and ending up on death row, Second Chance Rescue NYC showed up and saved me on November 19, 2011. I was SAFE!

Second Chance Rescue took me to the vet and it was discovered that I was blind. Oh, not because of age or disease…I had been sprayed in the face with a chemical (probably mace) and it destroyed my eyes! I can see shadows but not much else. I am missing some teeth and have some old bite scars, too. But, for an old guy, I sure had a lot of energy!

Off I went to a foster home. Then I went to another. Things just didn’t work out for me at either of them. The people tried hard but I wasn’t a good fit. šŸ™

So, a call went out from Second Chance Rescue looking for a new foster home for me. Pictures were sent, conversations were had and a new foster home was found. I was on my way to Pittsburgh, PA!

My foster momma, Beth, started a Facebook page for me before she even picked me up: Snyder The Elderbull. She was hoping to find me a forever home.

Of course, it didn’t work out that way. Foster Momma became Forever Momma the minute I ran into her arms. Can you say “foster failure”??? Yup, I had found Forever!! Did you see my big smile in that photo with my Momma? šŸ™‚

When I got HOME, I met my sisters, Gemini and Mya, and my brother, Phritz. The first thing I did was find the couch and take a nap. I am a very good napper. If napping was an Olympic sport, I would win the gold medal every time!!

My sister, Gemini, became my best friend. She showed me around the house, taught me where the water bowl was and which door to use to go outside. She snuggled with me and made me feel safe and loved. Phritz and I didn’t really hit it off so Momma only let us be together when we were supervised. Hey, life was great!

In December 2012, we moved from the city to a new house. There are trees and a nice yard and woods. There is also a very nice deck right off the front door. It is the perfect spot for napping! I claimed it as my own!

Momma has three granddaughters and I love them to pieces. They visit often and I sleep with them and keep them safe. They share their food with me, too, which makes me smile really big! The little one hugs and kisses me and I kiss her back. Big bad pitbull, huh??

Gemini has gone to the Bridge. I miss her every day. She was my best friend. But, life moves on. I have a new sister now, Hope, who is kind of exhausting. I am teaching her all about napping. Mya snuggles with me now. Phritz and I still don’t see eye to eye but we make it work. šŸ˜‰

I still have my Facebook page and I use it to advocate for dogs on death row in NYC. And, I try to teach others that us elderbulls are worth taking a chance on…worth loving.

Senior dogs ROCK!!

~ Snyder The Elderbull

Parent: Beth