Sir William, Moncton, NB

Hi, everybody!

My new name is Sir William Wallace. You can call me William for short. I am about 3 years old (well that’s what my doctor said!).

I don’t really remember the first 2 years of my life but I know I was living in Kentucky with a young lady and my name was Peanut. She had a baby and decided that I was the one who should leave. She brought me to a scary place and told the big man that she would come back and get me in a few months because she didn’t have money to take care of me at that moment.

So I spent the first month waiting for her to come and bring me back home. But, no… the only one that came was to the cold basement jail was this man who give us (me and other doggies) some water and dried food, cleaned once in a while and took away some of my jail friends. (They didn’t came back; I don’t know if their mom came to get them home?) Then there were new friends taking their spots.

The second month was very hard. My toes were bleeding because it was always wet and cold on the concrete floor. I also did have an infection on my beautiful tail; sadly, I lost a long part of it because it wasn’t properly treated.

I started to be depressed… my mom wasn’t showing up; she told me she would… So, I stopped eating and so my body started to be emaciated. I didn’t have any faith anymore, no energy, no nothing… I just wanted it to end.

Another month went by. The big guy came and put a card on my kennel. Maybe mom is coming? No, it was a number. I was on THE list… 🙁

But a few days later, a nice volunteer came and took me out of there. They took pictures of me and told me to be patient. I was going to be rescued!!! They were right, they came and pulled me out of there! Oh yeah! My rescuers are calling this place the Pound of Hell and they are right!!

Some ladies took good care of me. I went to the hospital for check ups and to get neutered (I don’t really know what it means, but that is ok!). They gave me good food and a lot of TLC so I was then ready for my first long car trip to Montreal, Canada!

I did stay at my Foster home with a great girl and James, another Pitbull mix, because my rescue is in Ontario and Pitbulls are banned in that Province (they don’t like “monsters”). I lived in Montreal for about a month and then, they told me I had a train to catch!! It was at the beginning of January, it was sooooo cold, I never felt that cold weather before!! I went on a train from Montreal to Moncton (it’s in New Brunswick, still in Canada) to go to my new forever family!

I was so happy to get in a warm house, with a funny big furry dog (Bernese Mountain Dog) and a cat too. My new mom is showing me a lot of new stuff… I ran in da snow this winter and now I will be able to swim in da sea… I am so excited! Lots and lots of things to do!!! 🙂

No more wet and cold concrete. Only lots of canine activities!!! Things I love the most is going in da car for a ride, running next to my mom when she bikes and also cuddle in her bed next to her! I am so happy that my mom looked at I Am Alive Dog Rescue Facebook page and found me.

Please consider doing the same if you want a dog in your life, don’t shop, adopt! And…by the way, the Monsters are not the ones people are thinking of!!!!

Thanks for reading my story!
~ Sir William Wallace aka Braveheart!

p.s. I Am Alive Dog Rescue is awesome! Please visit their web site and Facebook page!

Parent: Valéry