Simon, Mankato, MN

Hello! My name is Simon.

I know what you’re thinking, and I’ll answer that question right away. Yes, they’re real. I was born with these eyebrows. 🙂

I’m often asked if my name is Groucho, but I’m really not a grouch! There’s a lot more to my story than just a great pair of eyebrows, so let’s get started.

I was born at the Minneapolis Animal Care and Control facility in August, 2011. I’m one of a litter of 13!

At that time, Minneapolis Animal Care and Control (MACC) only released dogs like me (pit bulls, pit bull mixes) to rescue organizations. When my entire litter was just six weeks old, we were scheduled to be euthanized. 🙁

A wonderful twin cities-based rescue group, Secondhand Hounds, found out about us and they were given 30 minutes to bail us out of this facility!

Some incredible people showed up with one crate in the back of a minivan. Our mom went in the crate, and all 13 pups were placed on the lap of a volunteer.

There was a catch to getting out of MACC — we had to be named. So, these volunteers were able to come up with some names. They named us after cheese!

My name was Swiss. My siblings had names like Colby, Jack, Romano, Gouda, etc. We all went to foster homes and were adopted. Some of us kept our cheese names, and some of us got new names.

I was adopted, but after around one year, my first family returned me to Secondhand Hounds since they were no longer able to keep me.

Mom and her friend saw me on the Secondhand Hounds website and decided to co-foster me. Mom’s friend had me for a weekend, and Mom has had me ever since!

I have three wonderful adopted siblings: Lili, Rufus and Kane. Mom has done a lot of work to help me learn manners, and I teach her that life is supposed to be fun and exciting all the time!

My life has been a wonderful adventure. I’ve been in magazines, I was on the front page of a newspaper, and I’m learning the fun sport of dock diving.

Lots of people are very curious about these eyebrows, and my eyebrows seem to start conversations about certain types of dogs. Lots of people’s perceptions have changed once they get to know my personality. I love people! 🙂

My human mom has lots of big plans for me for the coming year. I’ll be swimming more, and hopefully dock diving in a few more competitions.

And with a little more obedience training, I might get my Canine Good Citizen certification. I guess you could say I’ve got some big plans on the horizon.

Follow my adventure at Simon The Pit Bull/Boxer!


Parent: Stephanie