Shiloh, Keysville, VA

Hi! I’m Shiloh and here is my story.

I was picked up in the city of Richmond, VA, and they think I had at least one litter already. Ring Dog Rescue got me out of the shelter and a couple adopted me but their dog didn’t like me so I’m back with the Rescue. They placed me in a couple of foster homes but that didn’t seem to work out either.

Then one day, a woman was looking through PetFinder and saw a dog named Sadie (that was me!). My picture was not a good one, but she has been looking for a dog just like me — a dog that loves kids, great with cats and not dog aggressive.

This woman started off like most people: She believed all the media hype and stereotypes about pit bulls. She would never have thought in a million years her entire attitude would change, and that pit bulls became a breed she wanted to know more of, a breed she wanted to learn everything she could about, and a breed she wanted to have someday.

She started watching Pit Boss when it first came on the air and she was so blown away by all the positive things she learned about the breed. (She never missed an episode!) At that time she had two senior dogs who were nearing the end of their lives. Then her Seamus passed away around Christmas — she was so heartbroken and she grieved for months.

Then she started looking on PetFinder, her local SPCA, seeing lots of great dogs, but not feeling any urge to get one. She would search at least weekly, seeing literally hundreds of dogs. One day last April, she did a search for Pit Bull rescues in her area and the closest one was in Richmond, almost 2 hours away. She looked at the dogs up for adoption, saw lots of great ones, but she needs the dog to be friendly with kids and cats because she has grandchildren and five cats.

Then she saw my picture and description, and she knew before she even filled out the long adoption form that I belonged with her, and she with me.

She asked her husband, not sure if he would say yes, and he told her he wanted to see me online. She showed him and he said right away, “If you want her, that is fine with me.” So in the middle of the night, she filled out the 6-page adoption form and waited. Never has she felt such a strong urge to get a dog before.

She started getting emails from the rescue that they got her application, and next was to set up a home inspection. Because she was out of area, they said it would take longer. Finally, the lady called to schedule the home inspection, and long story short, she approved my new family and set up a meet with my foster family.

The day of the meet was my new parents’ 26th wedding anniversary weekend and they went to Richmond to get me. When I arrived, my new mom say it was major love at first sight, even though I was severely underweight and looked so sad. They didn’t tell my mom until the adoption was almost final that I’m very scared, skittish, etc. She assured them she wasn’t worried since she had worked and adopted many shy and skittish dogs. My parents named me Shiloh and we’re off to my new home!

When I first got home, I was totally freaked out! My parents live in the country, a very rural area and I was from the city. I didn’t even know what a toy was and I wouldn’t look anyone in the eye. My mom bought me a really good, comfy dog bed and I didn’t want to sleep in it. But my mom was super patient with me. Slowly but surely I learn to be me, for the first time in my life. Now I make eye contact, I’m super playful and I love playing with toys.

My mom says I’m silly, funny, playful and all around the BEST dog she’s ever had. I’m great with my parents’ young grandchildren and the cats adore me — they all sleep with me on my dog bed (yes, I love my dog bed now!).

Every week, my parents see major progress, and I’m acting like a normal, happy, playful dog. It makes my mom’s heart so glad.

I love it here. Everyone who meets me falls in love with me, especially people who are not fans of pit bulls. My mom totally believes with all her heart we were meant to and brought together. She calls me her angel in fur. My mom is my best friend for sure.

Thanks for letting me tell my story!

Love, Shiloh

Parent: Debra