Shelby, Nutley, NJ

My name is Shelby and I’m a rescued female Pit Bull. I was found as a pup abandoned, hungry, hurting and scared, chained in a gas station. I was abused and was left to die. I was lucky to be rescued by the amazing Bloomfield Animal Shelter and then to get adopted by one of its volunteers – my amazing dad.

As a result of my severe injuries, I had to undergo two major surgeries on my hind legs, followed by months of painful rehabilitation. But now I have a lovely new home, doting parents, and a brother and sister who showered me with their affection, and three playful canine siblings – two brothers and a sister – to keep be company.

Today, I’m a Therapy Dog and I have a book, Shelby’s Grace (well, my dad wrote this book, with my help of course!) and we really hope you like it.

My mission in life: To educate people on what an amazing breed Pit Bulls really are, and to advocate and fight against abuse, cruelty, stereotyping, profiling, discrimination and bullying – against animals and humans.

Parent: Joe Dwyer

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