Samantha, Huntsville, AL

Hi! My name is Samantha. I am a 3-year old Red Nose Pit.

My story begins in November of 2008. My Momma and Dadda were looking for a new pit puppy to replace their beloved Sampson, who passed away from cancer. Momma found me on the Internet and went to meet the people that had me. They only had me left and I was a “bargain” at only $50. (You will soon understand why they were eager to let me go so cheap). Momma and Dadda were so happy to have me. They said my ears felt like velvet and I had puppy breath! 🙂

My adventures began the next day when Momma came home, I did a flip and walked on my front paws for her. She laughed a lot. Then I began to behave in a strange way, I would stiffen up and fall over. Over the next few months, I had “episodes” where I would fall over like a fainting sheep when I was startled or excited. I developed a head tic as well. My doctors could not figure out what to do.

Momma videotaped me and sent it to other doctors. They believed that I had a problem with my Cerebellum and would not live longer than a year. Momma and Dadda keep me away from people and did not allow too much excitement. Meanwhile they prayed.

About 7 months later, their prayers were answered. I stopped having head tics and “episodes” as suddenly as they started. I have not had one in over 2 years. However, I had to have a large mass removed from my side and I have severe allergies to grass. I have gone from “bargain” puppy to MIRACLE DOG.

I love to play, chase balls, bark at the weed eater & stalk people for their gum and peppermints. I snuggle with my Momma, Dadda & human brother, Christian. I love my grandma Fred who babysits me! I also love Facebook and have my own page: I am Sam. A pit I am. I try to educate people about Pitties. We are wonderful friends, excellent lifeguards and completely loyal. Most of all we are not monsters.

Thanks for letting me share my story with you!

Parents: Matthew & Panda Smith