Sam, Pittsburgh, PA

Oh hai. I am an American Pit Bull Terrier named Bulletproof Sam. You can just call me Sam for short. For a long time, I was forced into a life of dogfighting.

My story started when I was rescued by my friends at HSUS on February 29, 2012 from a suspected dogfighter in Jacksonville, FL. There were 17 dogs that were rescued but I stood out…

My facial scars told the rescuers that I was a champion in the bloody “sport” of dog fighting; I was so good I was fought for years, beating more dogs than most fighters would ever face. That’s why my rescuers nicknamed me Champion Sam.

But I stood out because the rescuers saw how gentle and friendly I was when they rescued me from my dark cage. All I wanted to do was to curl up on their laps.

My fighting life resulted in the tearing of my mouth and lips and caused the permanent damage because my injuries went untreated until I was rescued. I had infected teeth, four of which were pulled, and abscessed gums that were treated. I now only have cosmetic damage and no more pain. I look like I’m always smiling!

After being rescued, I came to Hello Bully to begin my journey to my forever home. Hello Bully had known me from the beginning — their volunteers assisted with my dogfighting rescue operation — so they know that I’m an exceptional dog. They named me “Bulletproof Sam” because despite the hard knock life that I lived, I’m so loving and forgiving — all I wanted to do was love everyone! I hold no grudges from the moment I was rescued and all I wanted to do was show the love that I was capable of, regardless of the life that I had been forced into.

The life I know now is true happiness! I live at Hello Bully Halfway House with my friends Isis and Erma. I can eat any kind of food and any treat that anyone wants to give me! I LOVE my treats! 🙂

In my old life, when I was not forced to fight, I was chained outside or crammed in an underground cage with no sunlight or human attention. Now I have a soft bed in my nice big room, I get to lounge on a couch and play with toys! No more rough life for me!

I often get mini vacations at a volunteer’s house, like when I spent Thanksgiving with the Hello Bully Adoptions Coordinator, Ashley. She said I was the perfect house guest! (Of course I took over the couch!)

Oh and I LOVE meeting people! People say I’m sweet and friendly with everyone I meet, including strangers and volunteers who give me training, exercise and play time.

Did I say I LOVE EVERYONE?! My “favorite” is anyone who is currently petting me and giving me love. My tail is constantly wagging and I’m a total wiggle butt when I’m with my human friends at Hello Bully. Everybody loves me too and they give me many nicknames: Sammykins, Sammypoo, Sammy Boobookins, Samz, Cutiebutt, Sammylicious, The Samster… 🙂

I am now an official Hello Bully Adopt-A-Bull. That means I can have a family of my very own! Here’s some facts about me you’d want to know:

  • I’m adorable, sweet, loving and gentle
  • I need an adopter who realizes that I’ve never lived in a home before
  • I’m about 8 years old
  • I’m medium sized and weigh about 45 pounds
  • I’m neutered, vaccinated and in great health!
  • I’m good around other dogs when I’m walked or attending training classes
  • I should be an “only pet” — with my history and high prey drive, I need to go to a home with no other pets, as well as not bringing in any other pets for the duration of my life
  • I will need a lot of positive reinforcement training, patience, and love. In return for that, I will give you endless love because I know nothing but unconditional love and happiness!

I’m looking for someone who is educated on pit bulls, realizes my past and is willing to give me this second chance at life! I’m just another living proof that although fighting dogs like me spent most of our lives outside, tied on a chain, not walked or played with, and knew only pain and suffering, with rehabilitation by experienced trainer, we can go on to be wonderful family pets.

I have also personally requested  that my forever person is someone who will continue to help me on my mission to educate the public about dog fighting.

You can watch my journey and help share my story. I’m ready to find my forever home and become part of a loving family where I can continue to show off the endless amount of love I have to give.

Everyone who knows me said I’m going to make someone very happy as I’m the true example of the forgiving, loyal, loving, spunky, sweet pit bull! If you are that person, please contact my friend Ashley at

I can’t wait to meet you and fall in love!


p.s. To learn more about me, please visit Hello Bully on Facebook or at

p.p.s. I’m really against dogfighting. If you know of dogfighting, please call the HSUS tipline and let them know. They helped me and they can help other dogs too. Just call 877-TIP-HSUS. Thank you!

Editor’s Note: On April 19, 2013, Sam found his forever home!! He’s adopted by a family who are regular volunteers for Hello Bully and advocates for the breed. They are the best forever family a dog could ask for! Besides working weekly at the Halfway House with Sam, they have also fostered Sam on the weekends so they are aware of his special needs, have the space and ability to keep Sam and their other dogs separate while in the home or off leash.

Sam has a brother Andrue, 9, and a sister Allyson, 15 (those are the human siblings) and he also has 4 year old White Boxer sister named Katie, a 2 year old Bernese Mountain Dog sister named Clementine and two Guinea pigs, Arnold Ziffel and Quincy Luke Skywalker. In addition to many naps throughout the day, Sam will make sure they do a lot of cuddling on his very own couch in his very own room. 🙂

Congratulations, Sam!!


On June 8, 2015, Sam left this earth. His forever mom wrote a few days prior that despite trying hard to stay positive and post only the positive in Sam’s life for months, the time had come to be completely honest with herself, Sam, and all of his devoted followers. “He is having trouble. He cannot stand or walk (and actually hasn’t been able to for months). It has never been an issue as we were/are more than willing to carry him wherever he needed to go no matter what. He can no longer control his bodily functions and although this is all part of getting old, Sam no longer seems happy or comfortable. He is on medication to help with pain, but the light in his eyes is gone. We are beginning hospice care and know the time is near. There aren’t words to describe the immeasurable love and joy that Sam has brought to our lives. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.”

Sam thanked to everyone for taking a chance on him. “When I finally cross the Rainbow Bridge I’ll know that I was surrounded with Love. There’s no greater gift than that, no what matter what point in Life you experience it. My Mom will keep you all posted. I am Bulletproof Sam and I am a Lover.”