Ruger, Middletown, IN

Hi there, I am Ruger the Pit Bull Ambassabull! My story started in the fall of 2012.

I was a five-week-old backyard breeder puppy surrendered along with my siblings in Ohio. Thanks to a group effort by various rescues organized by Tavia Swain and Jennifer Pratt Williams of Mercy’s Door Pet Rescue, all my siblings were immediately fostered or adopted.

Well, except for me, the only boy. I only had a very temporary foster.

That same week, miles away in Indiana, a family had planned to adopt from a local rescue’s many adoptable dogs. The mom had been wanting a therapy dog to work with PTSD veterans, because the dad suffered from PTSD severely after coming home from Iraq and exiting the Marines. She also wanted a dog who could do very well in large crowds, at events and in public in general to be an ambassador for bully breeds and help change minds.

They found the one, or so they thought. He was an adult Am Staff with his CGC who was well-suited to be a therapy dog and ambassador for his breed. And he’s NOT a puppy, which was exactly what the family wanted. Well, his foster family decided to adopt him and this family were heartbroken…

Until the mom saw my photo. She immediately fell in love with my face!

So this family decided to take a chance on me. They had no idea if being pulled from my dog mom so early would create behavioral issues or what kind of temperament I would have.

Well they found out quickly that I was special! šŸ™‚ I learned things very quickly and retained them. I was also very intuitive. At 5 months old I attended my first public event and everyone told my mom I was amazing. They couldn’t believe it was my first event. My mom knew then that I was that dog!

I continued to attend events and at 9 months old I passed my Canine Good Citizens at a huge event in Indianapolis! I was evaluated by people who train and own therapy dogs and they all tell my mom how I am so well suited for it. I guess sometimes we just pick the humans. šŸ™‚

In July of 2013, my mom founded Project Bully, an organization geared towards making a better name for bully breed dogs, promoting shelter adopting, teaching people how to be responsible owners & more.

I’ve been an ambassador with my family since day one. I LOVE to go anywhere: Pet Supplies Plus, Tractor Supply… but my favorite is to attend to any events! I’ve been to Pride events, Pit Bull Awareness events, Marches, Fundraisers… I’m the main kissing booth dog for Project Bully.

I was even featured on the front page of a local paper in August after an event in a very anti-bully community! Everyone says I’m a natural at working a crowd!

My parents also started “Operation Ruger’s Helpers for Heroes,” a fundraising effort to raise funds for organizations like Dogs for Heroes and Pets for Vets, who take shelter and homeless dogs and train them to be companion, service or therapy dogs for Veterans. These organizations combine the two things that are very special and important to my family: rescue and promotion of shelter and homeless pets, and helping our nation’s biggest heroes.

Just like me and my dad. My mom watches me work with my dad all the time without either my dad and I even know it, and she is so proud of me.

My parents had planned for me to start on my therapy certification but they didn’t want to rush me. They wanted me to have some extra time to grow up, be a puppy and mature. My best friend is a dog named Linus, one of the dogs at Puddin’s Pittie Palace, and my girlfriend is Thelma over there too!

Oh, and I LOVE to talk! I know how to say “I love you”, “thank you”, “please” and a bunch of half barks/howls. My parents are currently teaching me a “What does the fox say”! šŸ™‚

My mom told me she is grateful everyday to be my mom, and cannot believe how amazing I am, the little orphan puppy.

My family says I’m truly a gift. And I’M NOT A MONSTER.


Parent: Stephanie