Rudy, Marietta, GA

Hi, folks! Rudy here and I would like to say thank you to whoever took these pictures of me and posted them along with my story on Friends of Fulton County Animal Services Facebook page.

Because that’s how my Mom found me. She saw the photos of me — just being my handsome self — and she went on to read that someone had adopted me but returned me a week later!

Not because I had done anything wrong, but because I am a Lab / Pit Bull mix. Those people said that they thought I was as a Lab mix and they didn’t want anything to do with a Pit Bull. (Oh, and by the way… Fulton County Animal Services (FCAS) did too tell those people about the Pit Bull side of my family tree. Boo to them!)

Well…the very next day, after seeing these handsome pictures of me, my Mom hopped in her car and drove to FCAS and ADOPTED ME!

Yep she did! Am I lucky or what? Oh and Mom, again let me say how sorry I am for chewing up the seat belt buckle in your car on that first ride home. I really don’t know what got into me, nerves I guess.

Anyway…Now, I have two Pit Bull sisters, Bambi and Lexi, who love to chase me, but can NEVER catch me! I don’t know if you’ve heard, but I am SUPER DUPER FAST!!

My Mom named me Rudy Valentine. She said I am as nice as I am handsome (what a dynamite combo, right?), and that I’m a real people pleaser with a bottomless pit for a stomach!! Oh, and I also like to get what I want by giving Mom what she called my googely eyes (see the last photo for a sample). 🙂

I owe my happy life to whoever took these photos and to everyone who works at Fulton County Animal Services!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Parent: Joan