Ruby, Woodbridge, NJ

Hi! My name is Ruby! I ended up at the Brooklyn NYC Animal Care and Control and I don’t know why!

The person who dropped me off said I was 8 years old and that I had seizures. I also had puppies recently because I was still lactating, but who knows what happened to my puppies. Oh, I have some scars on my face too. šŸ™

Before I knew, I was on “the list” and told my time was up because I had a cold! Thankfully the wonderful women of Rebound Hounds swooped in and saved me!

I went to stay with a lovely lady and her two sons until I found my forever home. They loved me and would have adopted me, but the 3-year-old little human turned out to be very allergic to me, so I lived with them for three months and then I had to go. Luckily, a new foster home came.

That was more than a month ago, and I settled in very quickly. I live with an 11-year-old Elderbull named Mabel and my foster Mom and Dad.

What you want to know about me:

  • People are my FAVORITE thing in the whole wide world! I love everyone I meet and my butt wiggles so much (and I even cry like a big baby sometimes) when I see people! I want to say hello to everyone! I love to cuddle!
  • I love to go on walks too, and walk everyday with my foster sister and a big dog named Hatch that lives down the street! I do prefer the company of boy dogs my size, they are so much fun!
  • I am very good in the house, I stay in the bedroom when my foster parents are at work because neither me or my foster sister are crated, but when I was in my last foster home I was able to have free run of the house since I was the only dog. I’ve never ate anything I wasn’t supposed to, or had an accident in the house.
  • I do like to destroy tennis balls though, but foster Mom says that’s OK!
  • I have also worked with a trainer (he loves me too!), and am so eager to please. I will do anything you (or anybody!) tells me to do!
  • I had some allergy issues too and itchy skin, but I am on a grain-free diet now and feeling much better.
  • And by the way, in the last four months, I’ve never had a seizure and everyone thinks I am only about 5 years old. Foster Mom thinks that lady who left me at the shelter confused me with another dog!

I still have a few scars on my face, but foster Mom says they make me no less beautiful. My foster Mom and Dad love me very much too, but want to be able to help more dogs in trouble.

As far as my forever home, this is what I am dreaming about:

  • No kitties
  • I would be happy as an only dog or with doggie friends my size (preferably a boyfriend)
  • Someone that will keep me entertained with training because I am very smart and want to make you happy
  • Toys and tennis balls
  • I REALLY like to sleep in bed with my foster Mom and Dad, all the way under the covers! I paw at the blanket until Mom lifts it up for me to go under! šŸ™‚ But I would be OK with sleeping in my dog bed if I have to.

Oh, and when foster Mom asks me if I’m ready to find my forever home, I cock my head. She thinks it’s very cute! And yes, I am ready to be loved for the rest of my life and to love you in return!

If you are my forever parents, please contact my friends at! Thank you! I am waiting with a smile! And froggie legs!


Editor’s Note: RUBY’S ADOPTED!! We’re happy to report that sweet Ruby finally found the most awesome forever home in August! Her foster mom reported that Ruby is living it up with a great mom and dad and pittie brother! She is settling in nicely, playing wonderfully with her Elderbull brother, and hogging the covers like a pro. šŸ™‚