Roxy, Chesterfield, MA

Hi, I’m Roxy…It is a fitting name because I am a rockstar of a dog. 🙂

Lots of people see me and think I am scary, but I am a big mush. I panic when my people leave me because I just don’t want to be alone, but we are adopting another 2 dog sisters so I don’t think I will be lonely for long!

But overall I haven’t led too rough of a life. I have double hip dysplasia and lyme disease, and I had to have a big operation on my leg but I am loved. I never ended up in the scary shelter, and I wasn’t abused.

My daddy got me off Craigslist. I had a family but they were having a baby and remodeling their house; they moved into a small trailer and didn’t have space for me. So daddy scooped me up. The people said I was watching the door all day when Daddy came, like I knew that I was going with him. 🙂

At first it was just me and Daddy… Then came Mommy and my people sisters.

I have two people sisters, both with special needs. One of them is almost 7 now and has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She gets really upset, but I go to her and help her relax when she is sad and scared.

My other one is just a little baby. We didn’t know that she was going to have a severe and life threatening intestinal disorder when she was born. She had major surgery at 3 weeks old! Mommy and Daddy and big sister were so scared. I would sleep at the feet of the swing, or the crib, or wherever the baby was and watch over her. They are my family and I love them.

I think it is really funny to lick the baby’s face when she least expects it, and my favorite thing is to let the girls crawl all over me and give me hugs. When they are upset I make them feel better, and when something is wrong I get my Mommy quick because the baby will always be in danger and big sis gets very scared.

I am a good family dog. I like everyone I meet (even cats!) and I never bark at people. If other dogs don’t like me I just walk away. One day Mommy took me to a big park (their were squirrels everywhere; I LOVE squirrels!) and we brought the girls to the playground. Mommy seemed really upset about something. I heard her talking to a woman who was teaching her child to stay away from, “that dog”. I looked around to see what dog and then I realized she meant ME!

Mommy kindly explained that I was a family dog, the most tolerant and sweet dog she’d ever met (d’awwwwww, Mom!) and that she wouldn’t bring me to a park full of children if there was a concern. There was lots of dogs here but the lady was only saying to stay away from me. Mommy said teaching kids to stay away from all dogs is a great idea, but that teaching kids to fear a kind of dog is unfair to both kids and dogs.

It is my doggy duty (hehehe) to teach people that dogs like me, aren’t big scary dogs. People tell Mommy I shouldn’t be so close to the girls, but Mommy can’t stop me. Whenever we are driving, I find a way to wedge my butt in between the car seats, or sit on big sister’s lap because I don’t want to be away from them for one minute.

I am a 65-pound lap dog. I never bark. I am not vicious. I am just a family dog who takes care of my special needs sisters.

Wherever we go I raise awareness. Mommy has made it her mission to bring me to every park she can and is making me a shirt that says Friendly Family Dog. We like to teach people about bully breeds and how loving we can be.

I am not a monster; I am a ROXSTAR!


Family: Daddy Nate, Mommy Alison, big sister Leah & little sister Juliet