Rosie Lou, Winnetka, CA

Hi! I’m Rosie Lou. I guess I had another name but I don’t remember it anymore.

I was found all curled up like a little red ball on a couple’s doormat in May of 2010. A man saw me run across a busy street and then lay down at the door. He rang their bell for me because I couldn’t reach since I was only about 8 months old. He told the lady who answered the door that I wasn’t his and then he left.

I think the lady was afraid of me because she yelled for another human to come quick. The other human put a leash on me and took me to the yard. I didn’t have any I.D. or collar but I was so pretty he just knew that I must be loved and missed by someone in the neighborhood. He set out door to door to find out who lost me.

After some time he came back with no luck. The lady put some food and water in the yard but I was too scared to eat or drink. The lady said that I couldn’t stay because I was a Pit Bull and they had Collies and that I might hurt them. The man told the lady that he didn’t know what to do except take me to the pound. So, off I went with the man to the pound.

Oh, now I was shaking and really, really scared because this place was awful. There were so many dogs and they were all barking. The man had been nice to me but now he was gone and I was alone…

I don’t know how many days went by but it was a long time in dog time. I was trying to hide from the humans who came to look at me in my cage but then… there they were. The man and the lady who found me had come!!!

They called me Rosie Lou and talked to me. I gave them kisses and they petted me for a while. I was sooooo happy but then they left without me. 🙁

“Why!!!! Why didn’t you take me home with you?” I cried. I went back to hiding in my cage.

After a long time though, they came back!!! I found out later that they had to wait until Friday for me to be available. They talked to a man who had been taking care of me and said, “Yes, that’s the one we want”. Just like that I was out!

I call them my Mom and Dad now, and they took me to be “fixed” and for shots. Before I was even wide awake from my operation, they whisked me away to their Vet. It turns out that Mom and Dad had to get on something called an airplane and go on a trip, but Mom said she couldn’t leave until I was theirs and safe.

Today I live at the beach with an old lady Collie named Sammy Sue and a Mastiff named Zane that Mom and Dad rescued a year ago.

My name is Rosie Lou and I love my Collie and my Mastiff and I love my life!

Oh, by the way, I had a DNA test done and it turned out that I’m a very rare Pittie indeed! I’m American Staffordshire Terrier, Bull Terrier, Miniature Pincher and Papillon! Mom and Dad laughed so hard they were crying! 🙂

Parents: Dory & Bill