Rosco, Brooklyn, NY

Hi, I’m Rosco. I was rescued by my dad from the mean man who bought me as a puppy and who liked to beat and kick me for no reason. My parents told me that I was really skinny before but now I eat really good food and have an abundant of treats.

When I first arrived at my new home, I wasn’t sure what I should do because I used to get hurt a lot when I didn’t do the “right” thing. My new parents grabbed a fluffy mat and got me to lay on it, then wrapped me with a soft blue blanket. Oh I just love it! I fell asleep for the longest time, snoring and twitching away (I can’t remember the dream but it must’ve been something with chasing a ball). It was the first time I ever felt safe and loved.

I was one lucky boy because a few months later, my dad heard that the mean man was arrested for dealing drugs and was sent to the big house (yay!!). I probably would’ve ended up at the shelter in Brooklyn where no one would’ve wanted me because I was a pit bull and probably would’ve been put on the really scary Put To Sleep list.

I now have the run of the house! I also like my toys, particularly the squeaky ones and the green Cressite ball that seems to last through my chewing and rough-housing. I love laying on my couch and playing with my neighbors, and I try to behave most of the time (when my parents are home anyway. They really don’t know that I play on their bed and go through the bathroom closet for stuff like toilet paper and Q-tips).

I don’t really bark (because it’s so loud!) but I let my parents know I have to go outside with a little whine, or I’ll lick the hell out of their faces!

Favorite Words: “What time is it?” (this means dinner time and I usually show them my right paw if I’m hungry), “go for a walk,” and “cookie” (who doesn’t like cookie?).

Favorite Activities: Hanging out in the dog park (Oh, they all love me there!), napping, shredding (paper, toys, ropes), and curling up with my dad.

Parents: Nathan & Imelda