Rocky & Manders, San Diego, CA

Hello, I am Manders and this is my brother Rocky!

We both came from high-kill shelters here in San Diego, California. I was found in 2008 under a trailer home extremely scared and fearful with just 3 of my little puppies. I was about 1-2 years old then. I was scrawny, dirty and with lacerations and bite wounds on my face, neck, head and body. The humans think I was most likely protecting my babies from coyotes or other dogs and that they must’ve gotten my other pups and she fought them off best I could.

Animal Control took me and, of course, adopted out my puppies immediately. There I was, Mama Manders, the only one left. I was so fearful and scared; I did not show well at the overcrowded high kill shelter. I was the typical dog who was as far back in the kennel as possible, curled up in the tightest smallest ball hoping no one would see me. I had closed off emotionally.

A very nice lady who volunteered there saw beyond the fear and bites and filth and felt that I was really worth saving. She described me as a super sweet mellow doggie who didn’t show any signs of aggression to other doggies but wasn’t really interested in them either.

Of course with how fast they move through the animals at the shelter, I was doomed and set for euthanasia almost immediately upon entering the shelter. An abused, neglected, throw away mommy dog with lacerations everywhere and terrified beyond belief… I didn’t stand a chance.

The volunteer didn’t give up. She tried really hard to save me and when she saw that I was on put on the dreaded “list” for the night, she sent my pictures everywhere, including to someone named Jolene. Jolene was searching for a pit bull to adopt but, unfortunately, she couldn’t go up to the shelter that night. She thought that was the end of my story.

But I escaped the list two nights in a row. On the third day the volunteer, along with some others, pulled me and boarded me for two weeks. That’s when It’s The Pits Dog Rescue stepped in and took me into the rescue. This was when I knew Jolene was destined to be with me.

Jolene knows It’s The Pits’ president, Beth, but she didn’t know they have rescued me. Two weeks after I was rescued, Jolene had a meeting with Beth to go meet some dogs at the rescue. She met four dogs but Beth really wanted her to meet one more dog they just took in who she thought would be a great match. Me. Unfortunately, I had just been spayed and Beth asked Jolene to come back to meet me when I was more up and around.

When she came back, Jolene recognized me right away and when Beth was telling her my story, she mentioned the shelter volunteer’s name and Jolene couldn’t believe it. I was truly destined to be with her! That’s when she adopted me and became my mommy. 🙂

It was not easy for me to adjust being a loved pet. I had never seen a toy or treat before nor received love and affection; I was very closed off emotionally. But my mom knew my beautiful heart and soul was buried under all the hurt & fear and with love and patience, the true sweet dog I am finally emerged.

Then in 2010, Rocky came along. Mommy was fostering Rocky for It’s the Pits. The rescue was told that he was found on a roof-top. Some have said that this is something those nasty dog fighters do to isolate and anger the dogs. Some have also said that quite possibly he was being kept on a roof as a “guard dog” for a property (apparently this is a common practice in some places). Either way, we will never know.

Rocky fits the bill for the coveted “blue nose” pit bull. He was about 5-6 years old and was still not neutered so you know what that means: probably lots of little Rockys out there somewhere. Rocky was a bit handful and kind of unruly. He was adopted before and returned, so he is on his third life. Most likely in the beginning Rocky was either being prepped for fighting, or was being bred or someone thought he was just a cute puppy until one day he was big and strong and lacked lots of manners and no one wanted to deal with him anymore.

Rocky is just like a little kid and never stops. But mommy couldn’t resist his frog legging that he does or those big loveable eyes. Just one month after he came to live with us, he was officially “home”. Yeah, mommy is a foster “failure”. 🙂

He is a big ol’ pain in my butt but I love him nonetheless. Rocky had no real training — Mommy says he was kind of like a bull in a china shop, the complete opposite of me. We balance each other out! Me, miss mellow and him always looking for the next thing to do. He really needs a full time job! 🙂

We both are full of life and love. We love playing. I loves rolling in grass and sunning myself. Rocky LOVES swimming and chasing tennis balls. And we both love car rides and being out and about and can never have enough belly rubs and treats!

We have been rescued and are now on a mission to raise awareness and change minds not just on Pit Bulls but shelter & rescue animals as well. We’re putting our best paws forward to help promote pawsitive Pit Bull ownership, help in cross-posting & networking others in need of loving fur-ever homes in our shelters and rescues and support in any way we can.

We want to bring awareness to animal abuse and educate people on the breed and the misconceptions of Pit Bulls in general. We know what it’s like to be discriminated against and judged.

Our mommy works hard with us everyday to ensure we are good Ambassadors for our breed and reflect responsible Pit Bull ownership as well as pawing it forward. We are working towards our CGC (Canine Good Citizen) certifications and we began participating in local events as well as advocating through our Facebook page, helping the throwaways, the unloved, the helpless and the voiceless.

We advocate for Pit Bulls, Rescues, Rehabilitation and Adoption. We believe with love & patience all things are possible. We are “Monsters” of love.

Thank you for reading our story and don’t forget to stop by our Facebook, Rocky and Manders, and follow our adventures!

Love & Pibble Kisses,
Rocky and Manders

Parent: Jolene