Rocky, Land O Lakes, FL

Hey there!!! My name is Rocky, but that wasn’t always my name – that’s because I am adopted.

People always ask if I am a mean dog or if I bite, Mom says “The only part of me that is “vicious” is my wiggly whip of a tail and wiggly behind!”  When I get excited you better watch out I don’t accidentally knock you over with pure excitement.

My story begins just like a lot of other rescue dogs… I was unwanted.

On Christmas Eve 2011, I was dumped in a cardboard box with my littermates on the side of a very busy 6 lane interstate highway. Luckily, Rugaz Rescue found us. Gosh only knows what could of happened to all of us if a bad person instead of a rescue got to us first. Or worse yet, we could have been squished by traffic.

For the next several weeks I was fostered with my littermates in a home with other dogs and cats. One by one, everyone was adopted but me. Mom says it because a higher power wanted us to be together. You see, I am Mom’s soul mate dog!!!!

In February 2012, I meet my adopted parents for the very first time & it was true LOVE at first sight. My wiggly behind and big sloppy kisses were just what Mom needed. She stayed for hours and played with me, rubbed my belly, gave me treats and even “tried” to take me for a walk. (I say “tried” because I wasn’t so smart back then and I didn’t know how to walk on leash at all. I just plopped my butt down and wouldn’t move. Teehee!)

When I got to my new FURever home I felt comfortable right away. They had lots of toys, soft beds and best of all treats!!

From the beginning, I was very disruptive and rambunctious… Mom knew that I was going to be a handful. So she set out to curb my enthusiasm and wear my butt out – because everyone knows “A tired dog is a good dog.”

In addition to giving me lots of physical exercise, I was also enrolled in agility class, tricks class & obedience classes in order to stimulate my mind. All that hard work sure paid off in the long run. I am now a well-adjusted young fur man!

Shortly after getting me, Mom fell in love not only with me but with the breed. She hates that us bully’s get a bad rap and are discriminated against. She always says “get to know me, before you judge me.” She says that goes for people as well for all dogs.

Around this time, Mom also decided she wanted to do more to help the breed… So she started an online pet supply business that donates the profits to local pit bull rescues. I LOVE being the expert tester for all the new toys, and especially the treats!! Our spare room is like a toy store for dogs. BOL!

Fast forward 2.5 years… I am a Canine Good Citizen (CGC), A Therapy Dog with Pet Partners, an Emotional Support Dog, and a blood donor with Blue Pearl. I also enjoy agility, lure coursing, going for walks & getting belly rubs. 🙂

Ohhh… and I also hold an advanced tricks title from Do More with your Dog!  I love doing tricks like “say my prayers” and “wipe my feet” when I do my therapy visits at the Hillsborough Juvenile Detention Center. Mom just loves showing everyone how smart I am as well as busting the myth that pit bulls are “bad dogs.”

In July 2014, my older sister Tasha, a German Shepherd mix, passed away and Mom & Dad brought a 7-week-old foster puppy home. Her name is Bella. She was from another unwanted pregnancy (seems to be a common theme down here in Tampa). Shortly after birth Bella was brought to the shelter to be euthanized. Again Rugaz Rescue stepped up and saved 3 seven-week-old puppies.

I LOVE my new sister and we are inseparable. After just a couple of days we all knew Bella had found her FURever home too. Bella is now 4.5 months old and had already earned her AKC S.T.A.R puppy certificate. She is smart like me!

You can follow our adventures on our business page on Facebook at HappyTailPetSupply. We are on a mission to change hearts and minds, one paw at a time. We do this by educating, being polite in public and showing everyone what good breed ambassadors we are.

Thanks for reading my story!

Rocky’s Timeline & Accomplishments:
Nov, 2011 Born
Dec, 2011 Found by Rugaz Rescue
Feb, 2012 Adopted
March, 2012 Graduated Puppy Basic Obedience
May, 2012 Graduated Advanced Obedience
Mar, 2013 Canine Good Citizen
Oct, 2013 Blood Donor at Blue Pearl
Dec, 2013 Pet Partners Therapy Dog
March, 2014 Novice Tricks Title from Do More with your Dog!
March, 2104 Intermediate Tricks Title from Do More with your Dog!
July, 2014 Advanced Tricks Title from Do More with your Dog!
Sept, 2014 Emotional Support Dog

Bella’s Timeline & Accomplishments:
June, 2014 Born
Aug, 2104 Rescued by Rugaz Rescue
Aug, 2014 Adopted
Oct, 2014 Graduated Puppy Obedience & received AKC Puppy S.T.A.R Certificate

Parents: Monica & Gary