Rio, Fort Bragg, CA

Hi! My name is Rio!

I am a long-legged, solid white, blue-eyed guy, and I am SINGLE and ready to MINGLE!!! Well, that’s what I think when I see people on my walks, I can’t control my tail! I love people so much, I would let anyone take me home.

I am lucky to have people looking out for me. My life started out a little rocky but thanks to nice humans, I made it to Daisy Davis Pit Bull Rescue a few days before the shelter said I couldn’t live there anymore. The shelter was so full and every time someone would come up to my kennel, I couldn’t understand what they wanted me to do. Oh, I forgot to tell you: I’m deaf so I don’t learn from human words, I learn from human hands!!

I still have things to learn but I already have my CGC (Canine Good Citizen) certificate—that means I had to pass the AKC test—and I know over 20 hand commands.

From all the things I like to do, here are my favorites:

I love going on walks
I love going on car rides
I love sleeping
I love playing with other dogs
I love playing ball and bike riding (well, I don’t really “ride” the bike. I just trot alongside. :))

Well, as you can see, I love pretty much everything because I LOVE life!

Here’ s my stats:

  • American Bulldog / Pit mix
  • 1 ½ years old
  • Deaf with over 20 hand commands under my belt
  • A Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
  • Leash-trained
  • Potty-trained
  • Crate-trained in house and car
  • Neutered
  • All shots

I currently live happily with other dogs, cats, chickens and a horse. But I would LOVE to find someone who loves me so much he or she wants to take me home and keep me forever!

See more of me at Daisy Davis Pit Bull Rescue’s Facebook photo album.

For more info contact Monica at