Rebel, Darthmouth, MA

Hello, friends!

My name is Rebel…but you can call me Belly. I was born in a log cabin in Illinois. As a young man, I got a job splitting rails, and I was so honest…Wait a minute, that wasn’t me. Let me start over.

I was born somewhere in Kentucky, in a setting not as bucolic as where I live now. I am a 90-lb pit bull, and really more of a snuggler than a fighter, so as a young man I was given the unenviable job of “bait dog”. This was a job I was apparently perfectly suited to because I never bite, growl or really do anything other than kiss. I was hog-tied, my mouth was taped shut, and other dogs gained confidence by attacking me…for sport. 🙁

Eventually, I began to realize that my talents at snuggling could be put to better use elsewhere, so I decided it was time to get the fudge out and free myself from these cruel and crazy people. Somehow I managed to escape and when I was found, I wasn’t a pretty sight: All the flesh had been ripped from my face, my badly infected ears were shredded to meaty ribbons (and eventually amputated by a vet), and since I’d been given a steady diet of nothing with a side of nothing, I was skin and bones.

My body was skinny and weak, but my spirit was strong and hearty.

I ended up with a pit bull “rescue” in New York and I actually had my own reality TV show! The scars on my body from years of abuse (not to mention my missing ears!) in contrast to my sweet personality made for compelling television. I met lots of interesting people like Dr. Phil, Ellen DeGeneres, and Paris Hilton (thank goodness I am too big to fit in a Prada bag!).

You thought I hit the jackpot, right? But what you see on TV is just that: A TV reality (I guess that’s why it’s called a reality show. Hah!). I’m not going to go into details about my life with that “rescue” because I don’t want I’m Not a Monster to get threatening letters from them. So let’s move on…

Well, I eventually found my way to Pack Ethic Rescue in Sprakers, NY. That was one of the luckiest days of my life.

Keri and Eric took excellent care of me for two years. They taught me what it’s like to be part of a pack and made me the happy and balanced boy I am today. For the first time in my life, I could take it easy and knew that I was never going to be hit, bound or bitten, and would never go without delicious food. I was just able to be a dog, at last.

One day, the people who were to become my forever mom and dad called Pack Ethic in hopes to find “a good old boy that will be gentle with a feisty shih-tzu”. They had a bait dog before me, and he died from complications related to epilepsy, and they were downright sad. It was really hard to give me up, but Keri and Eric knew it was an opportunity for me to be the center of a family, so they selflessly gave me that chance. That is how much they loved me!

Now I am living with my dad, mom, and sister Clementine in Padanaram Village. Let me tell you, they love me like crazy!

I go for walks on our beach every day, play with Clementine, and fall asleep in sunny spots on the floor. If you are eating dinner, I will do every single trick I can think of for a little nibble. My parents take me everywhere and introduce me to everyone so people can realize that pits are not scary.

My name is Rebel. I am an 8-year-old, 90-lb pit bull. I am a master counter-surfer, high-fiver, protector of my family, broken heart mender, opinion changer, comedian, and super snuggler that will lick the food right off your face. But I am not — and never will be — a monster.


Parents: Cait & Jim

Editor’s Note: On February 1, 2017, Rebel lost his fight with Cushing’s disease. He passed on in the arms of the people who have loved him. He was loved and cherished with a family all his own. He was 11. Run free, Rebel. ♥