Rambo, Winston-Salem, NC

Hi! I’m Rambo. I was a stray. Nobody knew me until I was hit by a car on July 4th, 2013.

It happened at night. A lady who had seen me around her home saw a dog lying in the road and stopped. The lady that ran me over had turned around to check on me and together, they were able to get me into a car and out of the road.

Ruff Love Rescue was contacted and decided to check up on me. When they arrived I was so still they were afraid I had passed. It was dark but finally they saw me breathe. When a dab of food was put under my nose with some pain meds, I gobbled it up. Then they gave me a name: Rambo.

July 4th is a day of celebration and independence. It was a rainy night so there were no firework celebrations. A woman who had been following Ruff Love Rescue for a while decided to go on the computer and came across Ruff Love Rescue’s post about how I had been hit by a car.

My picture broke her heart. It showed me lying in a dog house, blood pouring from my face. There were pleas and people posting all over their page to ‘save’ me, to get me into an emergency veterinarian as soon as possible. This woman did the same.

The following morning I was taken to a veterinarian hospital. Head surgery was first because my skull was exposed! In the 48 hours after my surgery, my prognosis was not good. I had brain swelling, my left eye literally rolling around the socket (the vet indicated she had ‘never seen anything like it’). All indications were I would lose permanent vision from that eye. Next, my liver enzymes were off the chart and I was extremely anemic. Oh and I was tested for worms/parasites and was determined one of the worst ‘cases’ of each, including Heartworms.

There were many prayers, well wishes going up for me during this time. This woman offered to ‘foster’ me if I made it. Within 96 hours and lots of prayers; this boy was walking on a leash, brain swelling coming down and passed a vision test!! 🙂

On July 16, I was released from the hospital and came into my foster home. When I got out of the van she could not believe what she saw; the pictures were nothing compared to the dog that stood before her.

I was so skinny, the white on my fur was grey, I smelled so bad, my head wound was oozing, so much of my body scabbed and there was a bag full of medicine I needed. Yet, I stood and wagged my tail! Sue, the founder of RLR was there to help with the introduction of my two fur foster siblings. I immediately made myself at home and was great with them. 🙂

During the next few days, my foster mom noticed that I was so afraid I wouldn’t be fed that I ate so fast it would make me sick. She got me a slow feeder bowl. She also gave me baths to clean my fur, and for weeks she could ‘pick’ gravel from my body.

She would clean my head and put the crème, give my meds for elevated liver enzymes, antibiotics and pills for anemia, and I would sit like a gentle soul, wanting nothing but love.

Next was Heartworm treatment; with my weakened body there was concern how I would do with the treatments so they were divided into 3 rounds. For 60 days, I was not able to ‘play, run or do’ what healthy dogs can. I was crated during the day and perfectly content lying next to my foster mom in the evenings. She said I did amazing. 🙂

After months of special crème, my wounds are healing nicely. My liver enzyme and anemia labs have checked out “perfect” and I have gained MANY pounds! I had one final challenge to face: closing the wound on my head.

After nine months, it had finally granulated all that it could. I love to run and play ball, unfortunately when I barely bumped my head on something, the wound still bled. For me to have a real chance at being a dog, the surgery had to be done.

I came through the surgery fine like all the other obstacles I’ve experienced in my life. (I did have to wear the cone for a while because it was itchy and my foster mom didn’t want me to get to the healing wound.)

I am a Fighter and Survivor on a ‘mission!’ My foster mom and rescue plan to have me train as a therapy dog. I think I’d like that. 🙂

On July 4th, 2014, I received many save day/birthday wishes!! No words could express how thankful we were. I’ve said this many times and it is true: I have the BEST friends in the whole world!! And I got a little cupcake when I woke up! To top it off, we got to meet with the local newspaper that will be featuring an article on me. What a busy day!

My favorite part came later that night. This 4th of July, the night was clear. When the Fireworks started I refused to go in the bathroom with my fur siblings. (I thought I was getting a bath! LOL!) Instead, I went out on the deck with my foster mom and together we watched the fireworks.

I was just glad to be with her and maybe more thankful that one year ago tonight; I wasn’t fighting for my life!!

I was even featured in American Dog Magazine! 🙂 A “Happily Ever After” story. I think that was pretty incredible for a stray dog who just a year ago had no one who cared about.

My journey is not over and we are so grateful for the outpouring of love all over the world for me. Our motto to ‘educate before you discriminate’ and ‘please consider being a foster or adopter of a rescue or shelter pet.’ There are so many that have not been able to share their story like me.

Rambo, A True Miracle

Foster mom: Kim