Pup-Cake, Los Angeles, CA

In 2009 my girl came along and saved me and I have been saving her ever since. My Name is Pup-Cake and this is OUR story!

As I lay on a lawn of over grown grass a car passes by several times and finally comes to a stop at a distance. A TERRIBLE noise spills out as the doors open and a child is pulled out. It is a little girl and she is screaming and flailing, she seems to be a two-person kind of job. They are trying to calm her down as they hold her, rock her and cry with her.

As I look around the yard I am reminded that I am the only pup left of my litter at 8 weeks old, the unwanted…the runt.

“Brrrufffff… Brrrrruffff… Brrruuufffff”

My yelp has worked and it is again quiet, I WIN! As I take a victory roll in the grass I come to rest on my back. The sun disappears as a shadow is cast over me. I open my eyes and look up to see not only my future but my purpose. This was the first moment that I laid my eyes on my girl!

On a hot day in June I was no longer just “the runt.”

Story around my doghouse is that the two legged’s had been looking for a four legged “match” for my girl for some time without success. They had always heard that the correct bond between a Human and a Service Dog [in training] would be instant and obvious however they never expected it to happen for my girl.

You see, she has various [dis]abilities and Dr’s had said that it would not be possible for her to do various things such as bonding or making an emotional connection. We have been proving them wrong ever since.


Live in socialization was first on a VERY long checklist of things to learn. This is where I first learned about proper puppy manner and two legged communication, you guys are hard to understand.

Soon it was time to go “home” for the first time. When I did I had found that the bond I formed from the second I met my girl was still there, waiting for my return. It is during this time frame that our connection became stronger than anybody could of ever expected. While the two legged’s worked towards getting the second training facility set up, I willingly took my place next to my girls side.

I was 3 days into my second away training before I needed medical intervention for dehydration. I could not bring myself to eat or drink and spent my time howling. Miles away my girl was being treated for medical issues herself. Like me, she refused food and water and spent her time howling. She was exhibiting extreme self-injurious behavior and was refusing all forms of therapy.

“This can’t be over the dog can it? Is it possible she was able to bond with something when so many said she would not?” my girl’s Mom wondered.

While it was quickly understood that separating us was not a option, training did NOT stop. It was decided that if I could not go to the training, the training would be brought to me!

  • Obedience Training , CHECK!
  • Finalized Socialization Training, CHECK!
  • Canine Good Citizen Training, CHECK!
  • Public Access Training, CHECK!
  • Task Training, CHECK!
  • Alert Training, CHECK!

To this day I am always being conditioned and trained, it never ends! “There is no Abcde without pup, they were born the moment they met,” my girl’s Dad said. (Abcde is my girl’s name, pronounced Ab-suh-dee.)

Fast forward to 2014 and my girl and I are a team in more ways than one. My task list is vast and I will stop at nothing to ensure that I am able to do them. Guide work, mobility, self injury prevention, item retrieval, alerting, wheel chair work, stemming prevention…really must I go on?!

However do not mistake our success for a road that is easy to travel! We were, and remain, an unlikely pair who is incredibly misunderstood. I, because of the way that I look and her because of the way she looks at things. So to the world I say:

“Go ahead and bring the best you have got. Your challenges, your ignorance and your lack of acceptance towards the disabled and my breed! My girl and I will show you a thing or two about acceptance. Why? Because my girl and I are pitbull strong!”

~ Pup-Cake the Service Dog

p.s. Facts: I am a Dog, I am Amazing, I do NOT drink out of the toilet, and I love my Girl. I LOOOOVEEEE chasing bubbles, catching spiders, chewing on racks of antlers and my rope. I also enjoy a little game that I play with the L.R.’s called “Pup, were you on our bed?!” 🙂