Puddin, Alameda, CA

My name is Puddin. I am nine years old. Here is my story:

I was dropped off in the night drop box at the Berkeley shelter. I was probably no older than eight months old. I had had puppies, but they were not with me. I also had a uterine infection that they discovered when I was spayed.

I spent three months at the shelter. I’m not sure why nobody wanted to adopt me. But when Sarah Joe and Judi came to the shelter to meet another dog, they remembered seeing me on the Home At Last Rescue website (a rescue that works with the shelter). They were looking for a companion for their dog, Po, a pit bull/lab mix. They were planning on fostering, with the hopes to adopt a compatible friend.

“What about the one with the big ears? Can we meet her?”

We all went for a walk. I liked Po and he liked me. They agreed to come pick me up after my spay procedure.

Po and I were besties and did everything together until he sadly passed on in 2009. He had been diagnosed with cancer and fought a good fight. I missed him so much and was very lonely.

A few months later, my moms adopted a senior Shepherd named Smokey. He was a great friend as well, and I like to think I made his last few years on earth very happy ones.

Last year, Murray came to live with us, by way of Berkeley Humane. He had also been in the shelter for a few months. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why I love him so much. We wrestle and play for hours on end — pretty good for an older lady such as myself.

Everywhere I go, I hear “look at those ears!” — which is a great segue into talking about how I am a pit bull, and what a loving, special dog I am. I have never met a person I haven’t liked. I have many friends — one of my best friends is an animal cop and another one is a 3-year-old child. I love kids, a lot.

I also have a cat friend named Russell. We cuddle sometimes. Don’t tell anyone. 🙂

I have a pretty good life. I now live on an island and take walks to the ocean all the time.

I am now nine years old. Though my legs are turning gray, you would never know I am now a senior — most people think I’m a young dog.

Thank you for reading my story! You can see more of me and my good life here on Tumblr: Fritopaws.

♥ Puddin’

Parents: Sarah Joe & Judi