Princeton, Richmond, IN

Hi! My name is Princeton.

I don’t remember much of my early life. My Daddy just happened to be at the right place at the right time when a man was trying to get rid of me.

The man was standing outside of a hardware store with me. My Daddy thought the man looked like a drug addict — very raggedly dressed and trying to get money for me. He was asking anyone who came out of the store if they were interested in a puppy. My Daddy offered him $50 to have me because he wanted me to be safe. So unexpectedly, I became a Valentine’s Day gift for my Mommy. 🙂

My Mommy took me to the vet the following week and the vet said that I was only about 7 weeks old. I was just a baby!

I love my family. Daddy is the most fun to play with because we are both so strong. We can play really good games of tug. Mommy is my best friend though. I follow Mommy all over the house from room to room. I sit on her lap when we watch TV even though she tells me I am way too big to be a lap dog. I love to give kisses and go on walks.

When I was little I would hate it so much when my Mommy and Daddy left that I would go to Mommy’s closet and chew up her tasty shoes. When I was done with it I would leave it at the front door so that it was the first thing Mommy would see when she got home. 🙂

I don’t do that anymore now that I’m a big boy. Now that I’m 4, I like to bark at things. I am also notorious for finding piles of blankets and clothes and making a nice nap time pad out of it. I like to sit in my chair and look out my window. And when I’m not in my chair or on top of my couch, I get under the bed covers and cuddle up against Mommy and Daddy.

Mommy says I changed her perspective on pit bulls. She didn’t even know I was pit until she took me to the vet. (Daddy left that part out! LOL!) She was like so many people who thought pit bulls were mean and not a good kind of dog to have. I’ve changed her outlook on the breed. She told me she will never own anything but a pibble now because I’m the most affectionate dog she knows. Because of me, she tries her best to educate people whenever she can and constantly defends me to people when they ask me what kind of dog I am.

She also wants to educated people of the horrible, cruel and disgusting things people put us “monsters” through. It breaks her heart and she’s so thankful that I came into my life and taught her a lesson: Don’t believe everything you hear.

I’m so glad Daddy and I ran into each other that day. I’m glad that he stopped and decided to get me. If he had kept on walking, who knows what kind of life I would have had. Yes, I am one lucky boy!


Parent: Dara