Pretzel, Baltimore, MD

Hi! My name is Pretzel! I’m a beautiful, loving and loyal dog that was given a second chance at life, proving pit bulls are born inherently good and they are NOT monsters.

You may not realize it just from looking at me, but I came so close to crossing the Rainbow Bridge and in such a horrible way, it was scary!

On October 6, 2010, the terrible, nasty man who once ‘owned’ me took a knife and slit my throat from ear to ear. He then repeatedly stabbed me in the chest,  threw me in my kennel and covered me up to let me die.

He may have thought he had a reason to do so, but no one ever deserves such punishment or malice directed at them.

I was so scared and confused, I was in pain and couldn’t help but cry out through this whole ordeal and the man’s mother had the good sense to call the police.

The Animal Control and police found me in a pool of my own blood, so much of my blood seeping out of my body. They brought me to the local shelter, Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter (BARCS) and I was rushed to the vet. Despite my bloody neck and chest, I gave lots of kisses to the shelter intake vet.

It was going to be costly to save me, but a wonderful fund called “The Frankie Fund” had been set up to help animals like me survive.

I was patched up real good but my neck was all sutures and drains…. 🙁 I was not pretty at all.

After surgery, I returned to BARCS to begin my journey of healing and hopefully finding a forever home!

I fell in love with a volunteer there. When she walked into the room where I was secluded (to help with my healing because I had so many stitches), I wagged my tail so hard, she thought I was going to flip the kennel. But I was just trying to tell her, “You’re mine! You’re mine! Let’s go home!”

She once had another pit bull, a big boy named Diesel. I know she missed him very much and hoped she would love me, too. And she did!

She fell right in love with me, although she told others, and tried to tell herself, she was only going to foster me until I healed more and the stitches came out. Foster Fail, Mom! 🙂 She admitted to me afterwards that I had her the second I came into the house. And that we were meant to meet that day in the shelter.

We are best friends! She’s proud that I have proven myself to be a positive and strong representative for pit bulls with  super sweet and forgiving nature. Wherever I meet people, I change perception of dogs like me and show discriminatory stereotype myths are just that: myths!

And I am very proud of Mom! Together we stood tall and proud at the Million Pibble March in Washington, D.C., this year! Mom was one of the speakers and I made my debut as an international role model for Pibbles on the west lawn of the U.S. Capitol!

Mom made a passionate speech about animal abuse and their psychopatic abusers. She encountered many abused animals on her job. As a Baltimore City Police Officer for almost two  decades, Mom has seen countless instances of animal abuse, and all have broken her heart. That’s why she works very hard to catch bad guys and help abused animals like me.

I don’t know what happened to that knife-happy, pathetic little man in my past. He was arrested on the scene but we don’t know if he ever served time for what he did to me. But in case he’s out there, this is all I have to say to him:

“I matter. 

I am doing good. I am helping educate society about dogs and the human-animal bond and in doing so will help save more lives.

No one but you will ever know why you once called me a cute little name like Coco, then hurt me and made me suffer.

And it really doesn’t matter.

In this life I now live full of joy, love and comfort, it’s you that’s does not matter to me. You do not define me. Your actions do not define me.

With my loving Mom’s help, I have proven myself to be the dog I am.”

My life is really great. I’m safe and loved. I have a couple doggie BFFs and Mom’s friends love to love on and spoil me. My mom loves to dress me up — we’re both fashionistas! And we love shoes!! 🙂

Oh, and we’re in a calendar called “The Roles in Rescue — Saving Baltimore’s Dogs” representing beautiful, compassionate and powerful women in Baltimore with their rescued pit bulls. Her role: The Protector. I think we look awesome. 🙂

Rescuing animals and being a voice for those who are unable to speak has been Mom’s passion. It is her hope that her hard work as a police officer and shelter volunteer will help other families add affectionate, faithful and amazing pets, like me, to their families.

What more can a girl ask for? Just that all other dogs experience this kind of love.

I’m not a monster. I am Love. Just ask Mom.


p.s. Bet you wondered how I got my name Pretzel? Mom says it’s from my color and my twistiness! She says if a pretzel had a personality, I am it! Fun, light & twirly! BOL! Yes, that I am!

It took Mom three months to come up with the name but as soon as she said it, I popped up and told her: It’s a perfect name! 🙂

Parent: Kelly

Photo Credit:
Stand Up For Pits photo by Virgil Ocampo Photography
The Protector by tPoz Photography