Pretty & Lily, San Diego, CA

Hiyaz I’m Pretty! My mom says she didn’t give me that name but everywhere I go people say “what a pretty girl!” so she think it fits.

I love to give pibble nibbles and butt hugs to my human friends, especially momma. My little sister Lily is a Staffie/Boxer mix who is actually bigger than me, and our older sister Roo is a three-legged Chihuahua, but momma calls her a pocket pittie.

We are all rescues who live together representing doggies everywhere just like us: Rescues, Pit Bulls, Chihuahuas, Seniors, Cancer Survivors, and Dogs with Special Needs. People call us the Unlikely Trio!

Momma rescued me in 2009 from a mean man. She didn’t know I was a pit bull, just a dog who was broken and abused and needed her help. She took me to my first vet visit ever, and even though I was scared, momma held my paw and I knew things would be okay.

I was covered in fleas and ticks, I was super skinny, and I had a double ear infection that left me mostly deaf. 🙁

I turn 10 years old this year so I guess that means I’m an elderbull, and momma says she’s so proud of me because I’m a Canine Cancer Survivor. I had a bump on my paw pad that mom said looked funny — so we went to see this really nice vet lady who discovered I had a rare form of cancer called Plasmacytoma.

Momma says we were lucky because we caught it early and now that it’s been removed, I’m cancer free! 🙂

Lily is my goofy little sister who loves to give kisses to everyone she meets. Even though she’s bigger than me, I’m always the big spoon when we cuddle. Lily was rescued as a puppy in 2011; momma says she’s lucky because she’ll never know what it’s like to be yelled at or be afraid, so she’s the baby of the house.

She’s super sweet, even if she does get into trouble sometimes — like the time she ate a whole box of crayons and pooped out rainbows for a week! Or how she gnaws off one half of the toilet paper without unraveling the whole roll.

But Lily always makes us laugh, and she taught me it’s okay to like other dogs and to snuggle and play and not be so serious all the time. Lily is a Canine Ambassador with the San Diego Humane Society and helps children and adults learn the positive side of pit bulls. Check out this video of her getting ready for her first gig. She was so excited! 🙂

Momma helps lots of rescue groups in the area; she’s a foster mom so she brings home new doggies all the time. None of them stay too long because they eventually go to their own forever homes. In the meantime, Lily, Roo and I teach them how to be around other dogs and help them with training, so we are pretty much foster sister pros!

Momma takes me and Lily everywhere, she calls us Pit Bull Ambassadors because everywhere we go, people tell her how well-behaved and gentle we are. You may already know our best friends, “Angel” Rocky and Manders (and their little brother Hercules) who are also “Monster” Elves.

Our moms started a group called San Diego Pittie Parents where we get to go out and meet new pittie friends all the time at Pack Walks, Yappy Hours, Fundraisers, Training Events and more.

When we’re at home we can get really silly… we run zoomies after our baths, and do tricks for carrots, and give butt hugs when we lean in for a scratch. But me and Lily take our job as Pit Bull Ambassadors very seriously. We may come from different backgrounds or be different shapes and sizes, and we may have disabilities, but we are luv-a-bull, hug-a-bull wonder-bulls who are deserving of love like all dogs.

We can’t wait to officially be Monster Elves so we can share our story with pittie friends all over the world!

Pretty & Lily

Parent: Kristin