Precious, Clifton, NJ

Hi! My name is Precious and my story starts with my stay at the Liberty Humane Society in Jersey City, NJ.

Nobody really knows why my previous “owner” dropped me at the shelter in April and never came back for me. I was three years old and I stayed at the shelter for what seems like a long time.

I do love everyone at the shelter! Every time I saw my favorite people, I would do whatever it took to sneak into their laps. By “sneak” I mean launch myself into their arms, kissing and give them no choice but to hold on.

One of my favorite people is this woman, Rachel, who volunteered at the shelter. I was one of the first dogs she started taking to adoption events. She didn’t tell me that her parents and boyfriend were skeptical of my breed. Her boyfriend had even told her at one point that he would never have a pit in his house. But she convinced him to go to an adoption event with her.

And after he met me and the other wonderful dogs there, all skepticism was wiped away. That’s all it took and next thing we knew, he welcomed me into his family’s home as a foster doggie!

I stayed with them for two months and then I was transferred to Rachel and she became my foster mommy. It didn’t take long before my foster mommy told me she’s an official failed foster mommy! She adopted me!! 🙂

I now live with my mommy and her roommate (the blonde in the photo). I go on weekly visits to my mommy’s boyfriend’s house where I absolutely love everyone.

My favorite thing to do is run at the park and take naps with my favorite people. My mommy is of course my absolute favorite!!

It didn’t matter that my previous owner dumped me and that I spent four months at the shelter; it’s there that my mommy and I found each other and that’s all that matters.

Parent: Rachel