Polar, Mentor, OH

My name is Polar but my mom and dad call me “Princess Polar Bean the Beauty Queen” or just “Bean” for short. I like that they gave me this little nickname because for me, it meant a new start and a promise at a new life.

You see, my life wasn’t always so great. I was bred to breed. I was chained to a post in a backyard in Arkansas. Whenever I had puppies, the people from the house took them away and sold them.

One day, I tried to escape so the people put a makeshift fence around me and my puppies to keep us confined. I accidentally got my foot caught in the fencing and since no one helped me, I had to chew my foot off in order to free myself.

The people in the house didn’t take me to the vet after this; instead they put me in a pig pen to heal. 🙁 My pen mate was a 400 pound pig!

When the people from the house weren’t home, a neighbor would sneak over to pet me and give me food. She was a nice lady and wanted to help me but she couldn’t take me home with her. She resorted to this thing that they call the internet and found some people in Ohio who said they would help me.

The people said they would pay my airfare (I had never been on an airplane before!) and that they’d give the people from the house some money too. All of this was for ME?!?!

I spent the day traveling to Ohio and when I landed, I was greeted by my new family. They were so excited and my mom started to cry when she saw me. I’m sure it’s because I didn’t look so great.

I was very thin and had some wounds on my head and neck. I was also very weak and had a hard time getting into their car but my dad is a big guy and he gently picked me up and put me in the backseat. I couldn’t help but kiss his face for that!

They immediately took me to see the vet because they were concerned for my health and for the health of my big brother who was waiting patiently for my arrival. Yes, I was going to have a sibling!!!

After several trips to the vet, several rounds of medication and lots of food and TLC, I was finally healthy! Within weeks, I had gotten my strength back and I was able to go up and down the steps on my own.

I was no longer chained to a post; I had my own yard to run in. I also had my own bed to sleep in, my own toys and, most importantly, my own family to love me! 🙂

These days, I can usually be found sun bathing on the deck or acting as the “Fun Police” while my sister and brother play tug in the backyard. I sometimes go into schools with my mom and teach the kids about safe interactions with dogs and some of the kids read me books.

Some people say that I’m a little bit spoiled but my mom and dad say that I deserve it. 🙂

Thanks for reading my story!

~ Polar

p.s. I’m featured in “Lost Souls: Found!” Pit Bull book and the Disabilities books! 🙂 And when you purchase it, don’t forget to list my mom’s rescue, For the Love of Pits, as the recipient of the author’s donation! Thank you!

Parent: Marlo