Piper, Valparaiso, IN

“Bow Wow”!! My name is Piper! I turned 5 on May 13th, 2014.

My amazing life’s journey began when I was just 12 weeks old. I was adopted by my Mama. I was the only female born in the litter of 4 American Pit Bull Terrier puppies, and if it weren’t for Mama, I would probably be nothing other than a breeding machine for a man who had an interest in me.

I went home and met my two sisters — Simone and Caico, older dogs who were also rescues — and my two cat siblings, who both accepted me without question.

My first year and a half consisted of socialization to both humans and all animals, and lots of training for good manners. Simone and Caico were both amazing role models for me to follow and learn from every day of my life. Simone passed away when I was a year old (she was 18 years old) so Caico became my only best friend, sister and companion. She was the perfect role model because she was very calm and stable, and she taught me how to play nicely and with much respect.

Mama did all of my training on her own. I later realized that she had a goal for me… to become a Therapy Dog. By the age of 2, I tested for my CGC and Therapy Dog Certification, and passed both with flying colors!

I have a sense of knowing when others need a smile or a laugh, and love being the one they can count on for that. I visit hospitals for children with Cancer and enjoy being there for them during their difficult time of treatments. I also visit an elementary school for Autistic children, and my presence has taught these special children how to love, trust, and open up enough to enjoy the simple things in life such as reading and painting.

As an ambassador of my breed, I enjoy being the host of several different events every year in honor of awareness and education for the Pit Bull breed. The “Coast to Coast Bully Walk” is one of my most successful events and it grows each and every year, and dogs and their owners from all over the U.S. attend!

Mama and I have also hosted the “Peaceful Pit Bull Protest” event, which was also a great success in educating humans on Breed Specific Laws. Oh yeah, I was there with my boy Boss – The Surfing Pit Bull! 🙂 Another new program I’ve recently become a big part of is a “Be Kind To Animals” program, which is designed to help educate all ages on how to be more aware of abuse and neglect to any animals, and how to be a responsible dog owner.

We started a new awareness project with my very own “Flat Piper” project. 🙂 This has also been a very exciting adventure, traveling all over the world, spreading positive facts about Pit Bulls and introducing them to what we are capable of if given the chance. “Flat Piper” has already been to Las Vegas, PA, CA, and is now in Saudi Arabia. Soon after that will be traveling to the U.K. and Spain. Those who “host” Flat Piper are those who are teachers, advocates fighting BSL, and even kids who reach out to their friends to help educate them about the Pit Bull Breed.

I have been very blessed to be invited to do a television commercial, and was soon awarded that television station’s “Top Dog”!! I was also honored as the special guest for the Railcats Baseball Team as their special guest and asked to throw the first pitch of the opening season. Oh, and there’s this lady in Germany who wrote a book about Pit Bulls and she featured me in her book! How cool!

I enjoy serving as a “Mentor” to other dogs in training and do my best to set a great example of balance and stability and, of course, love and kindness to all. I love helping the dogs that come our way — like my new emergency foster sister Whinnie who, thanks to Guardians of the Green Mile rescue and Cause 4 Paws (Chicago) -The Darla Foundation, has a second chance at a healthy, happy life; Mama and I will make sure of that.

I take great pride in being an American Pit Bull Terrier, and I will continue to serve as an example, not an exception of my breed. Whether working at hospitals or enjoying being read to by the children at schools or taking the day off, I love meeting new people and breaking negative stereotypes of dogs like me. 🙂

Check out my facebook page Pipers Page Of Life and see for yourself what an amazing, and exciting life I have!

I AM Piper.
I AM a Pit Bull.
I AM a Certified Therapy Dog.
I AM proud of my breed.
I AM sweet, loving, and a very social pup.
I AM here to prove to all who doubt us that we do deserve to exist.


p.s. When Caico lost her battle with Spinal Cancer this Easter, I mourned her for weeks. She was my bestest friend. Mama was getting very worried because I just hadn’t been my happy-go-lucky self; I wouldn’t get out of Caico’s bed, no desire to go for walks, or eat, or play…

Then Mama decided to put my therapy vest on and said, “let’s go see the kids at school!” So off we went and as soon as I walked into the school, my spirit lifted up!! I went from sad to happy almost instantly! I quickly went down the hall to the classroom and could not wait to see my favorite teachers and children. Mama says these children have become so important to me, and that day they brought back my happy, wiggle butt, smiley self!

That day, these amazing children were my “therapy” and I cannot thank them enough for being so important to me, that only THEY could have made this happen! ♥

Parent: Laura