Pigpig, Duncan, OK

Hi! My name is Pigpig, I am an American Pit Bull Terrier. My mama says I am her special little girl.

I was born on June 7, 2010. Shortly after my birth I lost the toes on my back left foot. Because of my “deformity,” I could not be sold. I was also the runt of the litter. I was only four weeks old when I came to live with my mama. She said I was very small and sick, and my belly was bloated and full of worms. But my mama didn’t care. She loved me and took care of me till I was better. Now I am 15-months old and I weigh 55 lbs.

I am a frou-frou kind of girl. I love taking baths and having my nails painted. I like it when my mama brushes me and rubs my belly. I like to play fetch, but would rather tug (sometimes I will even run up and pull my mama’s hair. :-)). I like swimming and going for walks. I really like car rides, but I have to sit in the back seat or I get car sick. I like to curl up in a blanket or sometimes just cuddle. I especially like giving kisses (ears are my favorite!). Whenever my mama or any of my friends are sad I will love them and let them know it will be OK. I like everybody and when I really get to know you, I will even say “I love you.”

All of my mama’s friends and their kids come over to play with me or sometimes just to get loves. I also have a lot of four-legged friends that I have play dates with.

My nubby foot doesn’t slow me down at all. I can keep up with all of my two and four footed friends. Sometimes my leg hurts in the morning because of the way the bones twisted and bowed when I started growing and gaining weight, but the Dr. says it’s just a little arthritis. My mama rubs it and that makes it feel better.

Whenever I am a real good girl my mama lets me have a taco—I love them!

Thank you for letting me share a little about myself and maybe my story will change someone else’s perception of pit bulls.



Parent:  Lori