Piglet, Richmond, VA

Hi guys! My name is Piglet and I’m an American Staffordshire Terrier mix. I met Mommy and Daddy at my forever home in August 2011 when I came for a home visit but I knew when I saw them, I wouldn’t leave and I didn’t.

I was in foster care for a Bully Paws from Fredericksburg, VA. They call me Piglet because my face looks like a little pig! I was found in King William County, VA, and taken to the shelter. Since they don’t adopt “pit bull type” dogs to county residents, I was rescued and given to my foster mom.

The shelter found my old owner and when told there was a fee to have me returned, my old owner told the shelter to keep me. I was really sad because my old owner could give me up that fast just because of some money. I also had a really bad skin rash and almost no hair and I itched a lot.

Anyway, I met my Mommy and Daddy while they were out in front of the house and we played and got to know each other. Then Daddy went to get Nea and we played, then Pickles came out and we played. After a few minutes, we went into the backyard and we all had fun! We jumped and wrestled and ran around and I was really happy about meeting everyone.

Then the foster worker asked Daddy did he want to adopt me and I just held my breath waiting for him to answer. I had been on my best behavior and was very good but it was still up to Daddy; then Daddy said yes! (It was up to Daddy to say yes but I knew as soon as I saw my Mommy that I had found my forever home! :-)) I was so happy! I jumped around and gave kisses and everyone was happy I was there!

Later we went to PetSmart and while riding there I got sick. I really didn’t like riding in the car too much and I threw up some stuff that I had eaten earlier and my tummy was upset. At the pet store, I got my new crate, treats, a new toy and other things and a woman there said that I looked like a piggy and that is when Daddy told me my name would be Piglet again! I was really happy because I love that name!

I was a little overweight and I’ve lost eight pounds and my skin in almost all cleared up! I take some antibiotics and have a medicated shampoo that I use and I’m on a raw diet and that makes a lot of difference. Most people don’t know I’m deaf until Mommy or Daddy tells them because I behave so well. Being deaf doesn’t hold me back!

I love to cuddle with Mommy and Daddy on the duvet, play with my sisters and get hugs and give kisses. I don’t tell people but I’m missing a toe on my right rear foot and part of a toe on my left front foot but you would never know it! I can climb stairs and sofas, I can run and jump and I love to give hugs.

Like my sisters, I seem to get more spots every time I get a bath! It’s kind of funny because I didn’t have that much fur when I came to my new home and with some love, medicine, baths and a new diet, I have fur and now I’m getting spots. I love my new home and my family and I know they love me.

Daddy thinks I’m a misfit too but he says it with so much love in his heart. You may know already that my Daddy has soft spots for misfits. Just like the broken toys on the Island of Misfit Toys in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, no one else wants them but they deserve a good and loving home. I guess just like me!

You can follow my adventures with my three doggie sisters, Pickles, Nea and Opal on The Deaf Dog blog or on Facebook!

Parent: Mac