Pia, Houston, TX

Hello world! My name is Pia, and my mommy adopted me a couple of months ago from BARC Animal Shelter & Adoptions, a City of Houston’s animal shelter.

My old owner dumped at the shelter ā€” I don’t know why. The place was a depressing, but the volunteers were so thrilled when I found a new home because I had been there for a few months. My mommy said she fell in love with my overall temperament ā€” I was mostly cool and calm, even though I did balk and bark at her when she first approached me.

She told me that she wasn’t scared of me so I calmly sat down and showed her how amazing I was. I was then spayed and sent packing to my new forever home. I can’t believe it! šŸ™‚

I have an amazing new home, but at first my mommy was mean to me; she made me go to the doctor and take medicine to clear up the respiratory infection that I picked up at the shelter. That was not fun at all! But I am now healthier than ever, have put on some weight (my doctor said I was a little thin), and my teeth are whiter and cleaner because I get to chew a lot of real beef bones that my mommy buys for me from the butcher.

I live with another dog and two cats. At first I didn’t know what to think of the cat, but my mommy made sure that I learned how to play friendly. Now I am the best of friends with my cat, Toujours.

Mommy says Toujours is her cat and we shared custody of him, but to be honest, he’s MY cat because he and I snuggle on the couch with each other all the time. When he isn’t snuggling with me, he’s chasing my tail, jumping on me, and trying to play with me, which is fun. I chase my cat, but I think my cat chases me more.

My mom takes us to the dog park a lot, and I always play well with others. Sometimes I just like to be with people at the park. When I am not playing and being goofy, I am quite fond of snoozing on the couch (with my cat, of course), being a lazy “monster,” snoring and sleeping in late.

As you can see from my photos, I am very good at being horizontal! I think it’s best to be horizontal, that way my human can scratch my belly.

Did you know I am so good that her neighbors even try to “rent” me? Yep. They come over a lot because they love me so much, and sometimes I go to their house for a couple of hours to visit. They know I am not a monster! šŸ™‚

Parent: Mandy