Phat Ashley, Pittsburgh, PA

Hi! I’m Phat Ashley! 🙂

My story came into light when I was rescued in the second biggest dog fighting bust  in the country by the Humane Society of the United States. That was August 23, 2013, and I am a #367 survivor.

After living my whole life on a chain, I think my life after I was rescued is fabulous. All the volunteer who met me LOVES me. And I love every single human who interacts with me, despite my horrible past.

I was heavily bred and was thought to actually be pregnant when taken off the chain. After lots of spoiling, and getting the royal treatment it was determined she was not, explaining why she got the name “Phat Ashley”. 🙂

I am confident, joyous, loving and engaging. While I can’t really say much about the HSUS temporary shelter since it is still an ongoing federal case, every volunteer who worked there was smitten with my sweet and snuggly ways. My rescuers say that I’m a dog who no matter what, people fall in love with.

These are just a few of the reasons I was chosen to come to Hello Bully.

Despite being dog aggressive, I showed my rescuers just how much of an amazing dog I am. My guardians at Hello Bully knew they could handle my issue with other dogs and give me the love and time needed to place me into a home with no other pets.

I’ve adjusted to the other dogs in the kennel at Hello Bully and am even attending class with them weekly to work on my reactions and proper manners.

When I arrived, my guardians knew I was heart worm positive and had to go through the tough extensive 8 weeks of treatment. I was allowed very short walks and crate rest for 8 straight weeks on top of the painful injections that I received. I was an absolute champ through the entire process and had a great time running around doing zoomies once I got my freedom from the crate rest. 🙂

The Hello Bully volunteers continuously fall head over heels for me every single shift that they come to because of my personality. I’m just genuinely sweet. I love to snuggle on the couch, chew on Nylabones, watch TV, snuggle with our Jr volunteers while they do homework, sitting in any humans lap, and will always be the first to give you a sweet kiss.

I love the two youngest volunteers Noah, who is 2, and Eli, who is 3 months. 🙂 I am gentle as can be and will walk right along side Noah adoringly looking at him for guidance. I would definitely complete a family with children of any ages.

So here’s my quick stat:

  • I’m a GREAT dog
  • About 5 years old
  • Super sweet, petite pit bull weighing in a little under 40 lbs
  • So wonderful with humans of any size; one of the best dogs Hello Bully has had around children!
  • Sweet, well behaved, will sit at your feet and just wait for the love you give her. I love to snuggle and lay with anyone!!
  • Know simple commands
  • I prefer to be the only furry princess in the house

I’ve attended a car wash in my polka dot bikini and tutu, schools with many children interactions, store events, and visitations to homes. I am the true definition of love and will make a family very happy some day!

Will you be that family?

Phat Ashley

Editor’s Note: Hello Bully shared with us this great news.

“We can’t think of a better way to celebrate Pit Bull Awareness Day, than to share the wonderful news of Phat Ashley’s adoption!!! It’s been 14 months since the historic #367 were rescued from their chains by The Humane Society of the United States. In February, HSUS gained custody of Ashley and the dogs from her yard, and Jensen and Ash came to Pittsburgh to live at the Hello Bully Halfway House. We immediately fell in love with this sweetheart of a dog. In her time with us she’s learned good manners, and tolerance of other dogs. She’s come so far. Placing dogs who need to be the only pet always takes longer, but we knew Phat Ashley’s day would come. That day came when our incredible volunteer, Anna, realized she just couldn’t live without her.

“Words can’t really describe this amazing girl. She is a survivor. Everyday she continues to grow and amaze me, and she has taught me the true meaning of forgiveness. The first time I saw this this chubby little dog in her kennel, I did not realize just how much she would change my life. She has been through so much, some of which I will never know, but her journey has just begun and I look forward to giving her the life she always deserved. Thank you HSUS, Hello Bully, and all the amazing volunteers who helped her, and helped bring her into my life.”

Congratulations! We love you both! Happy Pit Bull Awareness Day!”